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Season 4

Episode 11

(Dispute Rumors)

She said, “Well… Fine, I’ll give Jingyu some face. With regard to this matter, I’ll listen to him.”

Gu Jingyu grunted and said, “Okay director, we’ll set the poster as such. Please proceed to publish it.”

Upon hearing this, the director nodded and hurriedly replied, “Yes, yes, yes.”

Looking at Gu Jingyu’s imposing manner, thoughts surfaced in the heart. Gu Jingyu was indeed not afraid of anybody. This would save them a lot of trouble.

Xin Xiaoyuan stared at Lin Che furiously one last time before leaving quickly with her people.

Although she walked away haughtily, after being treated this way by Gu Jingyu, it was obvious that she was fleeing with her tail between her legs.

As the crowd left, everyone looked at Gu Jingyu. They acknowledged him with much more respect and slowly dispersed one by one.

Lin Che only realized now that Gu Jingyu’s temper was not fantastic and he was unafraid of anything regarding the actors.

It was just that he had never been like this in front of her.

However, Lin Che felt that she had always been very obedient. She was always obeying instructions due to her status as a newcomer, unlike Xin Xiaoyuan who always put on airs. That was probably why she never saw this side of Jingyu.

Seeing that the crowd had dissipated, Gu Jingyu said to Lin Che, “Look at you. You still wanted to give away the female lead role to someone else.”

Lin Che replied, “I didn’t want to create any more trouble. Besides, I’m not stupid. My part is already there. When the audience sees her name first, they wouldn’t imagine that she would be with your character.”

Yu Minmin also sounded out from behind, “Rest assured, Mr. Gu. I wouldn’t have given her the role that easily. I only thought that if she succeeded today, there would be public outcry tomorrow. I would never put my artist in a disadvantageous position.”

Gu Jingyu sighed again before turning to Lin Che, “Always remember this. You are mine and with me as your cover, you don’t have to give her this much face. Understood?”

“Yes yes yes, I understand,” Lin Che looked at Gu Jingyu, knowing that he was only doing this for her own good.

Gu Jingyu left soon after. Yang Linxi did not even dare to take a breath after looking at what just happened. Only then did she walk over, “Sister Che, it’s so great to see Gu Jingyu look after you this much. I bet that no one will dare to bully Sister Che in the future.”

Lin Che smiled and thought about how Gu Jingyu wanted a present from her. He was unafraid of angering others to help her and it made her feel extremely grateful. Thus, she started thinking as she walked, wondering what she should buy for him.

After reaching home, she thought deeply but could not seem to think of what to buy for him. In the end, she decided to get him a watch. Successful people such as himself would definitely wear a watch.

To be honest, Lin Che was too unfamiliar with watches. Therefore, she left the task to Yu Minmin.

Yu Minmin purchased one on a whim. Her thought was simple; Gu Jingyu had everything and would never bother about what others gave as a present. It was the thought that mattered, and therefore, anything was fine.

Lin Che received the watch that Yu Minmin bought and looked at it a few times in the bedroom. The watch looked nice and it was not cheap. After looking at it a few more times, she left it on the table.

Gu Jingze was extremely busy for the next few days. On one hand, he had to handle Gu Jingyan’s wedding, which was going to be extravagant and therefore required precise control over the matters. On the other hand, he had to handle work that had been delayed for a few days.

When he got back, he removed his coat and casually asked the maid where was the wife.

The maid replied, “Madam must have been exhausted with filming these few days. She went to bed the minute she came back.”

Gu Jingze only nodded slightly and didn’t want to disturb her. He proceeded to take a bath in the bathroom outside before entering the bedroom.

Lin Che was indeed sleeping very soundly. Gu Jingze walked over and sat beside her before giving off a silly smile. At this moment, his eyes caught a glimpse of an exquisite box lying on the dressing table.

He paused for a moment before reaching out for the box.

Upon opening the box, he saw a watch meant for a guy and was stumbled for a moment.

Did she just buy this?

Who was she planning to give it to?

Was it for him?

His heart trembled slightly and his lips unwittingly curled up at the corners. Seeing that she was still sleeping, he didn’t call her out and proceeded to place the watch back into the box.

Laying down, he looked at Lin Che and proceeded to embrace her. He looked down at her cheeks and very gently gave her a kiss.

The next day.

After Lin Che woke up, she noticed that Gu Jingze had a pleasant expression on his face. It seemed like he was in a good mood.

She rubbed her eyes gently, “You’re up early.”

“Yeah, I’ve got to get to the office. You can continue to sleep for a while more.”

“It’s okay, I have to continue filming today,” she sat up slightly afterward with some difficulty. With the thought of having to film more today, she still forced herself to get up.

Gu Jingze’s eyes swept over the box at the side. The corners of his lips curled but he said nothing and subsequently left the room.

Lin Che, however, did not notice the look on Gu Jingze’s face and proceeded to wash up without putting on makeup. She had to apply makeup at the studio anyway, so she just stumbled along to the studio after waking up.

Before leaving, she suddenly remembered the watch. She took the watch and left swiftly after.

At the studio.

Lin Che was putting on makeup in the makeup room with Gu Jingyu.

Lin Che saw Gu Jingyu walk in and tossed the present over.

Gu Jingyu stumbled and said, “What is this?”

Lin Che said, “Didn’t you say you don’t only want a word of thanks? This is a present for you.”

Gu Jingyu laughed and hurriedly opened the box. Seeing the watch inside, he laughed even more heartily as he slid the watch on, “Wow, the size even fits perfectly.”

Lin Che thought to herself that it was only natural. With Yu Minmin’s capabilities, she must have at least found out his size before buying the watch.

She smiled, “Now, you can’t say that I haven’t thanked you properly.”

“Not bad, not bad. You are worthy of teaching,” Gu Jingyu patted Lin Che’s head while laughing happily.

It looked like his mood lifted greatly. He strode out with the watch on his wrist.

Lin Che shook her head helplessly. Honestly, he was just like a little child.

On this day, the Internet suddenly started attacking Lin Che.

People said that Lin Che stole Xin Xiaoyuan’s role as the lead actress. Now that the poster was up with both of their names, they were more certain that Lin Che purposely stole Xin Xiaoyuan’s role and had her name placed above Xin Xiaoyuan’s name in the poster.

Lin Che was immediately bombarded with attacks from Xin Xiaoyuan’s fans online.

However, Lin Che’s fans were not to be belittled. After being bombarded, they immediately launched a counterattack stating that Lin Che and Gu Jingyu were playing as rivals. She was definitely the lead actress, so why should Xin Xiaoyuan’s name be placed before hers?

The two fan groups started a heated argument and sent the Internet into a frenzy with the dispute between the two actresses.

Lin Che would have never expected that Xin Xiaoyuan’s fans could twist facts like this.

What started off with Xin Xiaoyuan orchestrating all of this was now pushed onto her.




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