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Season 4

Episode 10

(Taking Sides)

Everybody looked at them bickering and couldn’t help but feel suspicious.

Yu Minmin didn’t think too much into it. Lin Che was always kind to everybody. People tended to be skeptical, but Gu Jingyu indeed treated her very well.

When they left, everybody was still talking amongst themselves.

“Is there really nothing going on between Gu Jingyu and Lin Che?”

“Of course not. Haven’t they already denied it? They are just friends.”

“But I think Gu Jingyu is so nice to her. They look particularly close when they talk to each other and Gu Jingyu never smiles like that with anyone else. Now that Lin Che is back, he even immediately came to find her.”

“Who knows? But they didn’t do anything intimate. I saw that when they talked, they also sat far apart. That should be quite clear that they’re really just friends.”

“They’re friends now because they’re in front of everyone. Who knows what happens in private? Maybe they… Heh heh…”

Xin Xiaoyuan gritted her teeth as she listened from behind.

She was a big shot participating in Gu Jingyu’s movie, but she didn’t expect to be overshadowed by that brat. Now, everyone was talking about Lin Che and had no place for Xin Xiaoyuan.

The next day, the movie’s first poster was published.

Lin Che saw the poster and thought that it looked great. Gu Jingyu’s creation definitely wasn’t going to be lackluster.

Lin Che was in the middle, looking amazing. With her long hair flowing, she looked beautiful and full of heroism.

However, outside, Xin Xiaoyuan started making a fuss.

The reason was that her name was placed behind Lin Che’s in the poster.

Xin Xiaoyuan immediately approached the director and started confronting him, “I’ve been in this industry for far longer than Lin Che. The awards that I have won far exceed the movies she has acted in. How dare you put my name behind hers? Where will I put my face from now on?!”

The director replied, “This…. Is just a placement issue. Either way, aren’t you both placed together?”

“It’s just wrong to put her name in front of mine. I, Xin Xiaoyuan, have been popular for so many years. Don’t you know my appeal? Don’t you know how much I have to contribute to the box office for this movie? How could I possibly agree to place her name before mine?!”

The directed was extremely stifled watching Xin Xiaoyuan kick a fuss. He could only say, “Since this poster is already out, can’t you just put up with it…”

“Who is going to put up with this? A rearrangement of the names is all that’s needed! You can just quickly change it. Tell me if you need money to settle this!”

Lin Che, Yang Lingxin, and Yu Minmin watched from behind.

The director was put in an extremely difficult spot.

Xin Xiaoyuan snorted. As she turned and saw Lin Che approach, she began to grit her teeth, “What are you looking at, Lin Che? Who here doesn’t know that you only got this role because you’re close to someone? Do you really think you can climb over me just because you got this role? Let me tell you, I have just as much screen time in the film as you do.”

Lin Che looked at her, “Sister Xiaoyuan, it’s just a name. It shouldn’t matter who is placed at the front or at the back.”

When Xin Xiaoyuan heard this, she immediately replied, “That’s great. You said this yourself. Since you don’t mind, your name shall be placed at the back!”

Lin Che replied, “I’m only focused on acting in this film. With regard to the rest, I’ve only been taking instructions from the others.”

“Haha. You’ve indeed made it sound pleasant to the ears while pretending to be the bigger person. You act like you don’t care on the surface while you plot behind my back. Let me tell you that I have been in the industry for many years. Don’t think that I don’t know about your little tricks.”

Lin Che was lost for words. She didn’t know what she could say to make this better.

The director was very helpless as he did not wish to offend Xin Xiaoyuan who was an A-class actress. Strictly speaking, she must have been capable in her own rights to make it this far. As for Lin Che…

She was indeed the lead actress for this show. It would be inappropriate to place her name at the back.

The director was speechless as he looked towards Lin Che, “Look, Lin Che, the placement on this poster…”

Lin Che replied, “It doesn’t bother me. The role of the lead actress will not simply be determined by the placement of the names.”

Whoever was the lead actor’s rival was the lead actress and how much screen time a person was given in the movie was another matter. The importance of the screen time was the deciding factor for the lead actress.

Yu Minmin chimed in, “Yes, we must still give Sister Xiaoyuan some face. If she wishes to be placed in the front, she can have it.”

Xin Xiaoyuan snorted while raising her chin. Just as she was about to speak to the director, a voice echoed from behind, “What is happening right now?”

When the crowd turned their heads, they saw Gu Jingyu making his way over, unsure of when he arrived.

The director hurriedly walked over and said, “Jingyu, it is only a small problem about the poster….”

The director spoke softly and tried to explain the situation to Gu Jingyu.

Gu Jingyu frowned. He looked at Xin Xiaoyuan and then looked at Lin Che.

Lin Che did not look bothered by this at all. Xin Xiaoyuan, on the other hand, raised her head towards the sky in an imposing manner.

Gu Jingyu snorted and gently placed the poster to his side. He spoke as he addressed the crowd, “Lin Che is the lead actress while Xin Xiaoyuan plays the supporting role. This had been set from the start. As the lead actress, it is the rule of this industry to place Lin Che’s name at the front. How can you call yourselves veterans in the circle if you have to discuss such a small issue? Lin Che doesn’t know as she is still a rookie. Are the rest of you also rookies?”

The surrounding crowd stumbled for a moment.

Lin Che also raised her head at this instance and looked at Gu Jingyu.

Gu Jingyu said candidly, “We will set the poster as such. I have looked through it and I am satisfied with the details. There is no need for any further changes.”

“You…” Xin Xiaoyuan scorned. “Gu Jingyu, my role in the show and my box office capabilities are obviously more significant than hers. Furthermore, I’ve been in this industry for so many years. Where will I put my face if you were to place my name behind a rookie’s?”

Gu Jingyu turned his head and squinted at Xin Xiaoyuan, “Okay. If you really feel that you are losing face, you can remove yourself from this film. I would like to see just how much my box office will fall without you.”

Xin Xiaoyuan paused as her expression paled in an instant.

She was angry at that moment. Thus, she impulsively said that she would immediately quit.

However, the people behind her hung on to her, unwilling to let her leave.

“Sister Xiaoyuan, let’s not talk about just how much of a huge loss you would incur if you left this movie that has unparalleled potential. This is Gu Jingyu we’re talking about. Once you offend him, who will dare to hire you in the future?”

Xin Xiaoyuan stared at Gu Jingyu in front of her. She was extremely resentful at the moment. However, she knew deep down that she was unable to match up to him.

Thus, even though she was about to explode, she was forced to keep her cool. She could only hate the fact that she ran into Gu Jingyu who clearly supported Lin Che’s group.





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