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Season 3

Episode 66

(We Didn’t Take Fancy To Each Other, We Took It To Bed First)

Lin Che stood beside Gu Jingze. She looked at Gu Jingming and said plainly, “Happy birthday, Brother.”

Actually, calling the President ‘brother’ was really hard for Lin Che to say.

Just like how, in the beginning, she always felt as if she was floating around in a dream when she was with Gu Jingze. She thought that her real life was too different but it was indeed her own real life.

Gu Jingming smiled and let everybody head back in. There were many people present. This time, it was not just the Gu family members who were invited. There were also some politicians and his supporters. Naturally, they were all successful people.

Lin Che looked over there and suddenly saw someone in the distance looking at Gu Jingze. Lin Che found the cold smile familiar. Who was the man who was with Mo Huiling that day? His name was Li Mingyu.

Why was he here?

Gu Jingze also noticed him just then. He narrowed his eyes as he looked over. Then, he pulled Lin Che along and said, “Come on. Let’s go in.”

It was early spring and the day was still cool. They needed to wear coats outside. After Lin Che and Gu Jingze went in, they took off their coats and let the maids take them away.

Just then, Li Mingyu’s voice snorted behind, “President Gu, walking away after seeing me. What’s the meaning of this?”

Gu Jingze turned around, “I’m not avoiding you. I just have nothing to say to you.”

Li Mingyu’s eyes looked up and down the pretty Lin Che. He laughed and asked, “Why? Do you really have nothing to say or is it because you feel uncomfortable that your previous woman is now with me?”

Gu Jingze scoffed. He looked coldly at Li Mingyu, “If you’re talking about Huiling, then whatever she does now already has nothing to do with me. If you really want to be together, be my guest.”

Li Mingyu really didn’t expect to see Gu Jingze suddenly so casual, “Ha, what a good pretense. I don’t believe that you’d get over your old lover so quickly.”

“Please watch your tongue. Isn’t it rude to talk about some old lover in front of my wife? That’s right. I don’t care anymore because I’m already a married man now. Everything in the past is already put behind me.”

He grabbed Lin Che’s hand and turned away.

Li Mingyu narrowed his eyes at him and couldn’t quite believe it.

Lin Che also turned back to look. She then looked up at Gu Jingze. He may or may not have said that on purpose but hearing him speak so firmly made Lin Che really happy in her heart.

She looked up at his indifferent expression. For the first time, she felt that his thin expressions made him really handsome. Li Mingyu was completely speechless after he got talked down like that and Gu Jingze’s expression just now really killed it.

The Gu family members were all inside and Gu Jingming invited some people to join. But since she ultimately spent more time with the family, Gu Jingyan stood with them after Gu Jingze and Lin Che entered.

Just then, Gu Jingyan said, “I don’t know what present to get for Big Brother, so I bought him a tie. I wish that he’ll quickly find a wife so I don’t have to give such gifts to him anymore.”

She said to Lin Che, “Big Brother and Second Brother are usually way too boring. Besides working and earning money, I don’t think they have any other hobbies. What fools.”

Lin Che said, “Yes, and they’re especially old-fashioned.”

Gu Jingyan listened and said, “Yes yes yes, especially old-fashioned. So how did you take a fancy to him, Sister-in-law?”

Lin Che thought, We took it to the bed first before taking a fancy. So by putting the cart before the horse, who knew that she would become his wife?

“Well, I was forced into it.”

Gu Jingze looked down and glared at Lin Che. Lin Che laughed and stuck her tongue out. After hearing Gu Jingyan talk about birthday presents, she was reminded about it and she forgot where she had placed hers.

She searched her pockets and realized that it wasn’t there. She thought carefully and tapped her own head, “Oh no, I left my gift in the office.”

Gu Jingze looked at her speechlessly, “Look at your clumsy self. What kind of intellect do you have?”

Lin Che glared at him. She turned around to call Yu Minmin, hoping that she could bring it over.

Yu Minmin answered the call and helplessly agreed to it. She could only open up Lin Che’s box and since it wasn’t appropriate to send others to the banquet, she had no choice but to make the trip herself.

When Mo Huiling entered, she looked at Li Mingyu and asked, “What happened? What took you so long to pick me up?”

Li Mingyu scoffed and said, “Are you that anxious to meet your ex-lover? It’s a pity. I asked him just now and he said he gave us his blessings.”

Mo Huiling’s face changed. She looked inside and angrily said, “I don’t believe you. He won’t do that.”

Li Mingyu said, “If you don’t believe it, you can ask him yourself. However, he’s surrounded by the Gu family. Do you dare to go up to him? Doesn’t the entire Gu family hate you? Don’t end up crying when they chase you off.”

It wasn’t easy for Mo Huiling to get Li Mingyu to bring her here. She was not going to get chased out so easily.

She lifted her head and looked in that direction. Indeed, Lin Che and Gu Jingze were standing with some other people. Gu Jingze had a hand on Lin Che’s shoulder as they talked. They looked so intimate that Mo Huiling felt incredibly jealous.

Right next to them, she saw that the annoying Gu sister actually came back.

When she was with Gu Jingze last time, Gu Jingyan was dissatisfied with her. She always picked on her. But now, Mo Huiling couldn’t believe her eyes. How was Gu Jingyan talking and laughing with Lin Che?

Mo Huiling gritted her teeth in anger. She watched Lin Che stand in the middle of the Gu family members and couldn’t help but think that the spot was once hers. It was hers. She should be the one standing there and being the envy of others!

Lin Che and Gu Jingze were still unaware that Mo Huiling’s eyes were already fixated on them.

Seeing that Lin Che had not eaten anything, Gu Jingze walked over to take some food for Lin Che.

Lin Che said, “I wonder if Sister Yu is here yet.”

“Alright, I’ll get someone to escort her in a bit. Don’t worry about it. It’s okay even if you don’t give any presents. Big Brother still owes me several million. He won’t care if we don’t give him anything.”

“Oh, he owes you that much?”

“Of course. Your husband plays a big part in national duty.”

“Really? I’m in awe. Hubby is so great,” she obliged and praised him. “Master is so great that the servant is in awe. Master, quick tell me. What positions do you want at home? I’ll do anything. Please just don’t abandon me.”

“…” Gu Jingze’s face darkened. Looking at Lin Che who couldn’t be serious, he really didn’t understand how he could marry such a wife.

But about the positions…

He laughed and suddenly went close to her face, “You’ll really do any position?”

Lin Che was only joking but she looked at Gu Jingze’s face right in front of hers and his eyes glistened with excitement. The evil aura wrapped around her and it was so menacing that she couldn’t stand it.

“No, I was saying…”

“Then you’ll be on top tonight.”





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