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Season 3

Episode 262

(My Little Passion With You In The Cinema)

Lin Che was aware of all the curious eyes on her and she was puzzled. She thought that she already disguised herself well enough. How could anyone still see through it? Then, she realized the true focal point of their stares.

Gu Jingze.

Gu Jingze stood tall and although he dressed very low-profile, he still looked a lot more radiant than any average person next to him.

All eyes fell on him, so it was useless to disguise herself. People were still going to notice anything that was different.

Lin Che looked at this man scornfully.

Why was he so good-looking and attractive? It was honestly kind of a flaw too.

Thus, Lin Che didn’t drag the time any longer and quickly chose a movie. She then dragged Gu Jingze in.

It was dark inside and no one was going to be able to see anything.

As they walked in, Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che and saw other people holding hands and cuddling. He followed and held Lin Che’s hand.

Despite his habits over many years, he actually didn’t like any intimate actions outside.

However, he didn’t feel that way when he held Lin Che now.

He was only slightly unaccustomed to it.

He thought that she was his wife and nobody would have the rights to say anything even if they saw him holding hands with his wife. Thus, he continued holding her as they walked in.

The two of them chose an American blockbuster.

Lin Che hugged the popcorn in one hand and held Gu Jingze’s hand in the other. Their seats were at the back and there was a lot of popcorn in her hand. The staff saw that Gu Jingze was handsome, so they gave the little lady more. Lin Che thought that this was really a superficial world.

Lin Che munched on the popcorn and smiled at Gu Jingze, “Why are you looking around? Don’t tell me that you’ve never been to the cinema?”

Lin Che asked when she saw Gu Jingze looking at his surroundings and seemed so curious.

“That’s right. You know that we have our own home theater. If you want to watch something, we can make it like this.”

Lin Che said speechlessly, “That’s an entirely different feeling.”

“And the seats are much more comfortable than these.”

“You don’t get it, Gu Jingze. Don’t you see? There is a certain ambiance here. It’s so dark and you can’t see anything. Hehe. Looking at this atmosphere will make you want to just kiss and hug…”

Gu Jingze faced her and looked at her mischievous smile. He immediately understood. The ‘kiss and hug’ was no ordinary ‘kiss and hug’.

“We can kiss and hug anywhere. We can do it at home, in the hotel, and anywhere else.”

“Ha, what feelings would there be? I can see that you don’t understand. Doing a little hanky panky things in a place filled with people is so exciting. As the saying goes, a concubine is better than a wife and a lover is better than a concubine. The fruit you can have is not as sweet as the fruit you can’t have. Thus, people feel that it is more exciting to be sneaky.”

“…” Was this something that a girl should say?

Gu Jingze always thought that this woman was very dirty but she always had her limits. Now, it was crystal clear. He realized that this was not the case. She had no limits!

Gu Jingze said in a low voice, “So this is the kind of thing that you like.”

“…” Lin Che quickly explained, “I don’t like it. Be clear about it. I was just saying that others like it.”

“It doesn’t matter. I can understand if you have some special hobbies. If you want me to cooperate with you, I can also cooperate with you accordingly.” As he spoke, Lin Che felt his hand caressing her thigh.


Lin Che exclaimed speechlessly, “Bastard, I didn’t say that!” She quickly hit his hand away.

He smirked without a word.

“I’m imparting knowledge to you. Seriously, how do you date women? You had a girlfriend before and you actually don’t even know all this.”

“We don’t watch movies,” Gu Jingze remarked.

“Then, what do you guys do? Sit and face each other daily?”

“Of course not. We watched musicals, drank tea, listened to music, ate and attended concerts.”

“Stop stop stop. I get it, you guys are extremely boring. I pity Miss Mo…”

How did she meet such a blockhead? He didn’t know anything.

And the main thing was that she didn’t ask for it.

Gu Jingze froze. Thinking back, he indeed hadn’t done anything memorable with Mo Huiling.

Although they were together for so many years, he really couldn’t recall anything that happened between him and Mo Huiling.

He looked at Lin Che and said plainly, “In the past, I didn’t think too much about dating. I also didn’t properly think about caring about how the other party felt. I will improve on this aspect.”

Lin Che felt Gu Jingze grab her hand.

He said plainly, “In the future, I will ask you more about what you like.”

Lin Che’s heart warmed up. She looked up at Gu Jingze, “Actually there’s no need to… That wasn’t my point anyway…”

Gu Jingze’s serious expression always seemed to be firmly promising something. His lips curled up slightly and his eyes glistened like black gems in the dark. Nobody dared to look straight into them.

One look at him would make the person feel like they were being sucked into his vortex of affection.

Gu Jingze felt that he indeed never took notice when he was with Mo Huiling.

He didn’t take notice of her moods and never thought that making her happy would make him happy too.

He gazed at her and gently held her chin.

In the darkness, the light from the screen flickered on them. His lips opened, his tongue curled around her lips, and then went into her mouth.

His kiss was really getting neater.

He seemed to be already familiar with all her sensitive spots. His fingers traced her body, caressing and searching for the area between her legs.


She was really frightened by herself. When did she become such a lustful ****?

However, when his tongue retreated back out, she felt disappointed. She couldn’t control herself as she opened her mouth and took the initiative to find his full lips.

His tongue felt her movement and instantly became fierier.

Her tongue was numb from his rough movements.

However, it didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Instead, she still wanted more.

She almost wanted to moan.




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