Tuesday, 5 May 2020


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{ in love with my teacher}

Episode 47

🚫 August Alsina ❌

I sat down at the doctor's office waiting patiently for him.

He had taken Steph in for some series of test. Am so worried about her.

He came out shortly with Steph.

"How was it doctor?" I asked immediately.

"Well Mr August to be honest haven't seen anything like this. Can I please talk to you in private?" He responded.

" I'll just wait outside." Steph said and stood up before walking outta the office.

"Tell doctor how's she?"

"Actually her tumor has reached the third stage and at this point only the will of God can save her from death. We'll keep trying our best tho." He brought the news to me..

I felt my spirit shattered and heart broken.

She's not gonna be able to bear it if she comes to know about this.

"You have to keep trying and get her treated. Don't worry about your money. You'll get double your pay if she's treated." I assured..

" I'll keep that in mind Mr Alsina. Right she needs so much love and affection make sure she doesn't lack anything."he added.

I left his office very sad but I quickly changed my mood immediately I saw her.

I won't tell her about this or it's gonna break her the more..

",Erm what Did the doctor say?", She asked me as soon as I got to her..

"You'll be fine soon my dear." I pulled her into a hug.

She's too innocent of all this and doesn't deserve to suffer like this.

"Okay big boy let's go home already am feeling dizzy." She complained.

"Alright dear let's go home." I held her hand and led her to my car.

Got in and drove outta the hospital premises..

Even while driving All I could of think of was what the doctor says.

I won't give up on her . I won't I promise you my love...

We shall get through this together.

"Hey dear what's wrong you're so lost in your thoughts what are you thinking?" She jerked me outta my thoughts .

" Am thinking about you.," I brought her palm to my lips and planted a soft kiss on it.



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