Wednesday, 6 May 2020


Melting My CEO`s Heart

Season 3

Episode 1


With a wide grin, Will leaned to the side and kissed Liz's forehead again, this time lingering for a bit as he breathed in her intoxicating scent.

He felt more satisfied and content than he had in a long, long time, and he felt his whole psyche changing subtly while he settled down into a more comfortable position with Liz's head resting comfortably on his muscular chest.

Liz had her eyes closed, but when she felt Will kiss her again, she, too, smiled contentedly before accommodating for his slight moment. It was a great thing that he wasn't too ripped: his chest was firm, but not too striated, which made for, as he had said once, the 'most comfortable pillow in the house'.

After a few minutes of silence during which both of them just listened to each other's breathing while letting their hearts calm down, Liz felt a little uncomfortable due to all the sweat and started to get up reluctantly.

It was then that she looked out the window to realize where they were.

Chuckling softly to herself, Liz understood that due to their throes of passion before, she had completely forgotten that they were 10,000 feet up in the air. She had wanted to go have a bath, but how could a plane have a bathroom?

"The bathroom is over there. Clean up while I order some food. If we were on the ground, I would join you, but it's too small to fit two people in."

Hearing Will say this with a small, sad sigh, Liz remembered that this was no ordinary plane.

Sure enough, there was a small door to the side, but before going to it, Liz walked to the poor CEO and placed her hands on the two sides of his face.

She had wrapped one of the blankets they had draped on themselves around her body as she wasn't used to walking around naked, but a lot of her cleavage was still visible, which made Will widen his eyes due to it being emphasized due to her action of leaning forward.

Holding him like that, she gave him a brief but deep kiss, which made his heart beat faster all over again.

Seeing the tent that started to rise on the blanket that he had pulled over them before, Liz laughed and said, "Seems the little guy wants more, but I need some rest…tell it that I'll definitely take more care of it later. A lot, lot, lot of care."

With each 'lot', Liz placed small kisses on Will's lips, which made him breathe heavily before nodding hurriedly.

Smiling wide, Liz went to the door and opened it to find a respectably-sized shower and bathroom.

Will was right: although it was quite spacious for a plane, it would definitely be too crowded for two people.

Quickly taking a bath, Liz tied a towel around herself and walked out of the bathroom to find a large tray of food waiting for her.

Scones, French toast, muffins, and good old coffee.

She had rushed here without eating a proper breakfast, so Liz's eyes went round as she breathed in the aromas.

"Tuck in. I'll be out in a flash."

Saying so, Will headed to the bathroom to freshen himself up, and as he stood up and let the blanket slide to the floor to expose his body, the sun's rays cascaded onto the perfect lines of his well-defined figure, making her take in a sharp breath as she admired him.

Hmm…why did the food suddenly not seem so enticing anymore?

Smiling at her and not noticing her reaction, Will walked to the bathroom and closed the door, which finally made her return to her senses.

Well…it seemed that their actions just now had changed her.

There was a new kind of food that she had just savored for the first time, and she had to say that she liked it and wanted more of it very, very much.

Still, the mind was willing, but the body wasn't.

Her lower parts stung faintly, and because there was no rush of pleasure to distract her from it, it was quite distracting and unpleasant.

She had, indeed, read that losing virginity was a painful process, so she assumed that this was what it must have meant.

Shrugging and getting dressed in her clothes which were strewn all over the floor, Liz also took the effort of picking up Will's clothes, before eating a hearty breakfast.

After Will was done, he saw his clothes lying neatly on the bed and thanked Liz before getting dressed.

"So, are we going back now? This was a very elaborate ruse, by the way."

Hearing her say so, Will laughed and said, "Oh, there's no ruse. The trip is real. We're off to South America for a major project. We will be making a few stops to pick up some key engineers, too. All I did was make sure that there was a long time between the first stop and the second so that we could…have some time together."

Checking his watch, Will saw the time and said, "We have a half hour more before the first stop. What do you say I give you a tour of the plane? It's one of the most unique Boeings in the world, you know."

Liz couldn't help but feet surprised when she heard this, but she realized that it really had been the best opportunity.

Nodding, she raised her hand which Will took to lead her outside before showing her all the other parts of the plane.

There was an area with 50 first class seats, a gourmet kitchen, 2 bars, a TV and entertainment room and even a special area for pets, as the owner was apparently a pet lover.

After they were done, Liz had to admit that he was right: this really was a different level of opulence, but it was still a level lower than that island.

A little while later, they took a seat in the drawing room as the plane was about to land for the first stop, and this was when Will said something that made Liz's eyes shine.

"Oh, I forgot to mention something. I've narrowed down those who could have leaked the data to a few executives, who will all be present where we are going. It'll be the perfect opportunity to find out who holds such an intense grudge on you."





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