Tuesday, 5 May 2020


Melting My CEO`s Heart

Season 2

Episode 199

(10,000 feet in the air(1)

Seeing the large plane that completely dwarfed her, Liz was speechless.

After she stood there in a daze for a few seconds, she heard Rao's voice from behind her.

"Go on, Miss. Elizabeth. The CEO is waiting for you inside."

Shaking her head to make sure that she wasn't seeing things, Liz asked, "Are you sure we aren't at the wrong plane?"

"No, we aren't. Please go on."

This was a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, and the only reason Liz knew this was that Derek always had an interest in luxury planes and cars, and this was one plane that he had watched multiple documentaries on.

Capable of seating around 300 passengers in a 3-class setup, this plane was seldom, if ever, used for personal flights.

This was a true-blue commercial airliner, so Liz couldn't imagine why Will had commandeered it now.

With a puzzled expression still on her face, Liz ascended the long flight of stairs that had a red carpet on them.

The flight crew was all female, and as they greeted Liz and led her into a large drawing room-like area, she gasped as she realized that even this had been custom designed to be a private flight.

Such opulence!

This would definitely have cost upward of $350 million, which was a number she couldn't even think of, especially when it was all being used for personal reasons.

What had gotten into the CEO?

Thankfully, she could ask him, as he was sitting in one of the seats to the side.

This drawing room had a sofa in the middle, 2 pairs of seats on two sides and a bar counter at the far end.

As she was ushered into the seat in front of Will, she waited for the flight crew to leave before asking, "Why-"

"An urgent meeting which requires us to pick up a 100 or so key personnel of Happle from different states before heading to South America. I borrowed this plane for a family friend for that reason."

Oh, so that was the case.

Heaving a sigh of relief for reasons even she couldn't understand, Liz smiled at Will before saying, "About the last 3 days…"

Waving his hand, Will interrupted her and said, "You don't need to apologize. Even I used to enter that state of mind when I started work. Just the thought to apologize is enough, and besides, I used that time to get a lot of work done. Now, I can spend more time with you! It's a win-win."

As Will said this with a jovial smile, Liz leaned forward and reached across the table in between them to grasp Will's hand.

Smiling warmly from the bottom of her heart, she said, "Thank you."

Finding someone like this who understood her was something so rare, and she really appreciated and treasured Will for being everything she had ever hoped for.

She had spent most of her life thinking that she would be working her ass off to support her family, with no time to think about getting a boyfriend or getting married.

Will coming into her life had changed all of that, and had led her to uncover all the hidden hopes and dreams that she had tucked away tagged as 'Impossible to fulfill' in the depths of her mind.

Now, more and more, as she saw just how…exquisitely perfect he was, she realized that she was giving away something slowly, but she didn't let herself dwell on that.

Instead, she put on a mock frown and said, "But you were too busy to even plan what I asked for? I'm starting to think that maybe you aren't that interested at all…"

As she said this, a slight, slight expression of panic passed through Will's face, and although she felt that it was a little odd, she attributed it to her 'joke' and laughed before saying, "I'm kidding. I know that you must have been very busy. I can wait, but I just hope that the wait won't be too long…"

As her sentence trailed off, the flight crew entered the drawing room and said, "We are ready to take off, Mr. Will."

"All right."

Hearing this, Liz buckled up as the flight crew left.

Will imitated her actions, and he had a small smile on his face, which Liz assumed was there because they finally had time to spend with each other.

However, she had to admit that she was a little disappointed: she was really, really looking forward to finally explore the 'ultimate' act of excitement in one's life, as it was called by many people, but it seemed that she would have to wait.

Well, good things came to those who waited, so she just hoped that when the time did come, she would be blown away.

The take-off was incredibly smooth when compared to the smaller, private aircraft, and after 15 minutes, the plane had already stabilized at an altitude and was heading toward their destination.

At the same time, with a knock on the door, the flight crew entered again before saying, "All the preparations are ready, sir."

As a flash of excitement passed across Will's face, he nodded and said, "Good. You can retire" before turning toward Liz.

Liz had caught that, but she didn't understand the reason behind it. What preparations were they talking about?

"Liz, come on. There's a briefing I arranged in the conference room."

Nodding, Liz unbuckled herself and was led to a door further inside the flight, after crossing the drawing room.

Will opened the door, but it was dark inside, so Liz couldn't see anything.

As he gestured at her to enter, she did so but blinked, unable to see anything.

Will entered behind her and closed the door, and Liz was suddenly swept up into a tight hug from behind.

Startled, she yelped, but went completely silent when she heard Will whisper something into her ears in an intense tone.

"Surprise, Miss. Girlfriend. Time to fulfill your demand."

In a flash, the lights came on to reveal the most meticulously decorated bedroom with candles and flowers, with a large bed in the middle.

Taking in this sight, Liz gasped with shock.

'YES!', she thought, feeling very glad that she had made her 'demand' in such a way that it couldn't be ignored.




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