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Melting My CEO`s Heart

Season 2

Episode 200

(10,000 feet in the air end)

As Liz took a moment to observe the room, she saw how thoughtfully it had been arranged.

There was a faint, relaxing aroma in the air, which was from the scented candles that had been lit on both sides of the bed.

The bed was arranged with loads of cushions, and the bedsheets seemed to be made of pure silk. Without even lying on it, she could tell just how comfortable it must be.

The walls were painted in a dark color, and the overall lighting of the room was dim, with only one main source of light: the window on the left wall, through which Liz could see the unparalleled vista of the skies.

This was all she managed to see, before the realization of what was going to happen finally hit her.

She was going to have sex for the first time in her life!

Even as Will hugged her from behind, she felt a rush of panic inundating her mind.

It had been all fun and games during all those times when she and Will had gotten up to naughty activities, but now that it was time for the real thing, Liz found that she was scared.

Would she be good enough for him? Would she satisfy him? What if he was disappointed in her?

Even though Liz had always been very strong, not doubting herself even in the toughest of situations, this was just a one-of-a-kind feeling that she couldn't shake no matter how much she tried.

Fear, doubt and panic mixed in with excitement, anticipation, and passion, resulting in her mind becoming a chaotic mess that even she couldn't make sense of.

Will had been observing her closely ever since he had said that in her ear, and for the first time, he saw a Liz that he had never seen before.

She was…vulnerable.

Ever since he had known her, she had always had a tough veneer on top which she had built up over years of handling difficult situations and maturing to become a strong woman as a result.

However, now, he saw a Liz ridden with self-doubt, and to be honest, she felt all the more endearing right now.

He understood why she must be feeling so, and he had already planned ahead.

As if a rope had been thrown to her amidst the furious waves that were battering her mind, Will spoke softly, in a manner that helped her to calm down.

"Miss. Elizabeth, you…are the guest of honor here. You don't need to do anything: just lie back, and leave everything to me. You never need to doubt yourself: what you are is perfect, and more than I had ever hoped for in my life. Let me show you how much you mean to me."

These words gave her just what she wanted at the moment: reassurance.

As Liz nodded, Will gently kissed her on the nape of her neck, which had unwittingly become his favorite spot, as she seemed to be very sensitive there.

Indeed, Liz felt like she was melting into a senseless puddle as soon as she felt his lips on her neck, and she couldn't help but raise her hand and caress his hair while he gently moved from her neck to her shoulder.

It seemed that he had put a clamp on that burst of lust from before, as he was taking it slow, which made it feel all the more comforting and relaxing for Liz.

She decided that she was going to listen to him: all she needed to do was follow along.

Even without her realizing it, the excitement from before started to return, while Liz used her other hand to catch his.


Just when she thought he would be taking it entirely slow, he surprised her by suddenly sucking on the spot between her neck and shoulder.

As a moan escaped her lips, Will seemed to decide that he didn't want those lips to be free anymore.

Turning her around by her waist, he looked into her eyes for a moment before putting one hand behind her neck and tilting her head up.

As he leaned in to kiss her, Liz put both hands around his back and pulled him to her, as she suddenly felt that she wanted him so, so much.

Feeling quite pleased on seeing her enthusiasm, Will decided to take things up a notch.

The moment his lips touched hers, his other hand snaked down to her buttock before courageously grabbing it and squeezing it hard, which made Liz shudder as though she had been electrocuted.

There it was!

That damn appetite that had gone silent due to the fear before finally roared as it woke up, making her grab his face with both hands as she kissed him with an energy that surpassed any she had shone before.

Will had been thinking that he would have to set the direction of the whole thing, while leading Liz along so that her first time would be as memorable as possible.

However, he now realized something.

Once, he had been wrong about the kind of woman she was, and it seemed that he had made the same mistake now.

Was Liz the kind of woman who would allow him to slowly continue while she lay there like a maiden who was shy?


The fire inside her was going to fight tooth and nail with him, to win and take the lead, and that was where all the fun was.

Scoffing for a moment, Will stopped holding anything back.

Retaliating with like-minded passion, he kissed back, while his other hand left her neck and grabbed her other buttock.

They felt so soft and perfect in his hands, and as he kneaded them, Liz shook again and responded with her tongue.

Liz's whole body was tingling with a feeling unlike any she had felt before, and she knew that if she did not let out and let it feast, she might just burst.

Letting all her inhibitions go, she used her tongue to thoroughly lick his lips, before straying forward and entering his mouth.

Their faces were pressed together so tightly, and their laborious breaths were felt on each other's skin, which made them want to move all the more closer.

It seemed that Will hadn't been expecting her to do this, as his tongue was merely lying there, before it was rudely slammed by the wet object which proceeded to run along its length, shocking it into action.

Hey, hey, hey, are you the virgin, or am I?

Will felt like asking this, but instead of doing that, he moved forward and pushed Liz.

As their faces separated in an instant, Liz panicked slightly as she was free-falling, but her expression turned back to one of desire when she realized that she was just falling onto the bed.

As she had thought, the bed oh, so soft, and she seemed to sink into its depths.

As she quickly kicked off her heels and moved back, Will came forward, putting one hand on her back and the other on her waist, helping her to move back as he found her lips again.

He had indeed been shocked into action by her tongue before, but he didn't stray for long at her lips this time.

As soon as she was in the middle of the bed with her head on a pillow, he moved to her neck again, before beginning to unbutton her shirt.

Liz had chosen to wear a white shirt over a red skirt today, and as she felt his fingers fumble at her buttons before successfully unbuttoning them, she started to do the same with the formal shirt he was wearing.

However, she was finding it harder and harder to focus on those buttons, as she seemed to have awakened something before.

His tongue was doing magic on her skin.

It seemed that he had been holding himself back before, and now that he finally let himself go, Liz marveled at the sheer skill it seemed to have.

The wet object would frolic on her sensitive spots, such as the area around her neck and her shoulder, and it seemed to rhythmically press down on her skin and suck alternatively, making Liz arch her head back and close her eyes.

Each sensation she received when his tongue touched her neck made her go crazy, making her want more, more and more.

After he was done with the buttons that were visible, Will didn't hesitate at all and pulled up the rest of the shirt before completely unbuttoning it.

As he saw her breasts peek out from under the bra she was wearing, his breathing hastened, and he quickly used his hands to make her sit up slightly as he slid Liz's shirt off of her.

He had strategically used his lips to distract her, and his tongue had now gone to work on them, making her close her eyes again, while he smoothly removed the pins behind her back and slid off her bra.

Indeed, Liz had been lost in the feeling of having her lips played with.

So, it was only when Will pulled back after tossing away her bra did she realize that her breasts were bare.

Instantly, he seemed to freeze, as if he was gazing at the most breathtaking sight in the world.

For Will, that was the case.

Those perfectly round balls of pure fantasy had blown his mind, looking so bouncy and firm that his hand inadvertently strayed to her left breast, wanting to find out what they must feel like.

Her small nipples were a whole other beauty: standing up, they seemed to be calling to his lips.

Seeing his reaction and hesitation as his hand slowly moved to her breast, Liz chuckled.

"Go on, silly. They won't bite.", she said, for once feeling proud of their allure that had left this man speechless.

Her voice seemed to jog him into action, as he reached forward and grasped her entire breast that seemed to fit his hand perfectly with just a little spilling over.

As she felt a man touch one of her most private areas for the first time in her life, Liz bit her lip, stopping herself from moaning again, while she thoroughly reveled in the ecstasy that came from having it squeezed and played with.

Will was lost, too, as the sensations that were being transmitted to him told him that he must be dreaming. After all, how could anything feel so good?!

If this was a dream, he prayed that he would never wake up.

Opening her eyes, Liz saw that his eyes were focused on a specific spot on her other breast, so she suddenly used her hands to push his head toward it.

Will was shocked slightly, but he took it in stride, before tasting the most incredible delicacy in his whole life: her nipples.

As he completely lost himself in sucking on her breast, Liz finally let out the moan as she couldn't hold it in any more.


If she had thought that his tongue had been amazing before, then she didn't know what to label it now.

It went completely crazy on her breast, and as that area was more sensitive than her neck, she could appreciate his skill even more.

It pressed deep into her breast, before his lips sucked so hard for a moment, following which his tongue would find her nipple.

This was what had made her moan: the nipple was the most sensitive area there, so the way it was devoured by Will made Liz gasp and moan repeatedly.

For a full 10 seconds, Will completely enjoyed himself, accompanied by the hot sounds from Liz's mouth that made him more and more aroused.

Liz didn't even want him to stop, as she was using her hands to press his head onto her breast tightly, as if she wanted him to savor it whole.

She was starting to LOVE this feeling of wetness, as he had started to kiss all around her breast too, making it completely drenched as he moved farther down.

He fumbled briefly at the buttons of her skirt, while sucking on the navel which was quivering from the rapid breaths Liz was taking.

Her hands refused to let go of his head, as if she was scared that he would fade if she let him go.

As she obliged in helping him pull off her skirt, he finally came upon the pink panties she was wearing.

By luck or coincidence, she had chosen today to don a teddy-bear decorated pair, which made her blush nonsensically.

Will chuckled, but he then bent down and started kissing her gently all around her most private part.

This, itself, seemed like more than Liz could handle: her breathing became even more labored, as she shut her eyes tight and just held onto his head, just like holding on for dear life on a rollercoaster.

As he finally started to pull the panties off, Liz realized something.

She hadn't shaved in 2 weeks!

Suddenly, embarrassment flooded her as she tried to use her hands to cover herself.

"I didn't know, Ok! If I had, I would have shaved!"

One would think that this would have spoiled the mood of the occasion, but instead, Will just firmly took her hands and placed them on his head again.

Straightening himself for a moment, he looked into her eyes and said, "Elizabeth, this…makes it all the more real."

Indeed, when Will had laid eyes on those cute tufts of hair hiding that ultimate treasure, the throbbing in his pants had reached a very uncomfortable level, as that sight had lent this whole thing a feeling of raw genuineness.

This was her in all her glory, and she was stunning: there was no reason whatsoever to change anything.

Liz hesitantly nodded, but the next moment, her eyes completely rolled into the back of her head, as she felt the most electrifying and exquisite feeling she had ever experienced in her life.

In a flash, Will had dived down and placed his tongue on the little ball at the top of her vagina that was throbbing silently, as if it had been waiting for this for a long, long time.

Liz's mind completely went blank.

Never, ever had she thought that there could even exist a sensation so intense. So…body-shattering.

As she felt Will's tongue gently lick its top, waves and waves of sensations battered her, making her moan louder than ever as she once again started to use her hands to push his head down.

It had already become very wet due to their actions before, and Will seemed to be scooping up his juices before lending her clitoris her own.

She had read once that the clitoris was the spot which had the most nerve endings in the entire body, and as she felt just how magnificent it was to have it stimulated, she understood that they were right.

He licked it, sucked on it gently and even kissed it with his lips, and each time, Liz moved her head from side to side while her eyes opened and closed due to the absolute state of arousal that her mind had reached.

His stimulation of the clitoris seemed to be having effects all over her private area, as she felt her vagina expanding and throbbing like it had never done before.

It seemed to be asking, no, DEMANDING for something, and it spewed forth endless amounts of juices which Will slurped up religiously.

He was in paradise, too: Liz's taste had completely dominated his mind, making him enter a single-track mentality of eating her up as much as possible. He had wanted to do this as it would help to hurt less due to the fact that it was her first time, but as his tongue strayed down to her vagina in order to lick it up more and perhaps prepare it for the main course, he realized with shock that it was already quite open.

At the same moment, Liz had had enough. This already felt more exhilarating than anything else in her life, but she wanted more.

She wanted…him.

"Enough. Take off those pants, and let that thing free. I bet I've made it throb very uncomfortably for quite a few times."

Will smiled as he heard this, and he raised his head up before using the back of his hand to wipe his mouth.

Smiling and saying, "Yes, ma'am,", he took out something from his pocket before stripping off his pant in one go.

He had already taken off his shirt, so Liz had been savoring the sight of his graceful and athletic body while he did this.

However, when she saw the large shape in his undergarments that was exposed after he took off his pants, her eyes widened.

Unlike her, he seemed to have shaved, as when he took off his undergarments the next second, his organ stood up straight, long and thick in all its glory.

That whole thing was going to be inside of her soon?!

As she kept staring, Will ripped off the cover of the condom before putting it on swiftly.

Liz just kept watching, unable to speak, but her vagina spoke for itself.

It throbbed even more, making the bed wet with the juices that flowed out even more.

Quickly, Will got on top of her, and as he bent and kissed her lips again, Liz felt something pressing on her clitoris again.

Instead of the soft and wet feeling of his tongue, this was much harder, and as it slowly moved down toward the entrance of the wet lips covering her vagina, Liz bit Will's tongue, while she used her hands to grasp his back tightly.

He was holding it with one hand, while the other was around Liz, and as he slowly guided it to the correct spot and pushed in slightly, Liz let out the loudest moan yet even as he kept kissing her.


Letting go of his lips, Liz closed her eyes and buried her head into his strong shoulders, while almost clawing his back with her fingers.

Even that feeling of having her clitoris licked before couldn't compare to this, and while Will was being very careful and slow, she felt herself wanting more.

It did hurt a little, but the pleasure that was drowning her made her thrust her hips up, signaling that she wanted more.

Still, Will took it slow, and a few moments later, Liz understood why.

A thrust of her hips had just made the head of his organ enter her, and along with it came the real pain.

Her vagina had never been stretched this much before, so although it was very, very wet, it still hurt.

However, what followed the pain made Liz capable of ignoring it.

It was as if…she were a jigsaw puzzle that had always been searching for the last piece, without even realizing it.

Now, finally, that last piece was in place, making Liz feel…whole.

Even though he wasn't even a quarter of the way in, erotic pleasure rocked Liz's mind and made her scream, "More!"

Will had decided to go slow in order to not let her feel too much pain at once, but when he heard this, he couldn't stop himself anymore. He needed her, just as much as she wanted him at this moment.

With a thrust, he traversed farther in, feeling her envelop his throbbing organ.

His throbbing veins gave birth to marvelous sensations that seemed to set her on fire, and Will was also not in a position to say anything as he just thrusted in deeper, wanting to feel her amazingly hot and wet hole envelop him thoroughly.

Liz had already gotten used to the pain, so even though it increased, the pleasure became magnified by many folds, so when he finally entered her and filled her up completely, she could only widen her eyes and lose focus.



As she gasped his name, Will grunted in response like a mindless machine, as he grasped her back with both of his hands and leaned over her before starting to thrust like a madman.

He just wanted her so, so much.

The thrusting made Liz feel as if she were being taken high and low on that rollercoaster, with each inward thrust plunging her into the throes of lustful pleasure, and each outward thrust making her want him again.

Sweat appeared on both of them, and as their bodies seemed to move in one, Will and Liz completely lost themselves in the sensations.

Only gasps and moans echoed in the room, while the two became one 10,000 feet up in the air.

No matter how much he thrusted, Liz felt like she wanted more. So she kept pulling him, kept urging him, kept biting him everywhere she could find, all to make him go even faster.

As the thrusting increased in intensity, Liz felt as if she were reaching levels of euphoric ecstasy that shouldn't exist, as if they did, anyone would want to frolic in them forever instead of going back to their mundane lives.

His breath, his muscles, his grunts, his skin, and most, his rigid manhood, completely filled her mind and satiated that appetite while it screamed inwardly with satisfaction.

Finally, the thrusting reached such a level that Will couldn't go any faster, and when he came, he screamed out loud and shuddered for a moment, while Liz held on and enjoyed his intense throbbing inside her.

Panting, Will lay down, while Liz breathed heavily on his shoulder.

He let his himself stay in there, and Liz was happy about that, as she didn't want him to leave at all.

After taking a few moments, Will reached up and kissed her forehead gently, which made Liz feel complete and more satisfied than ever.

As he got off and lay down beside her, she snuggled onto his chest automatically and stayed there for a few seconds, before finally saying under her breath, "Well done, Mr. Boyfriend."



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