Sunday, 31 May 2020



{ He's a sex addict}



My day was still like the previous day am stuck in my miserable life.

Where I get to fall inlove with my sister but can't kill the feelings.

I trashed all the files on my desk and carried my suit jacket on shoulder before walking outta my office.

I walked quietly to my car and drove off in speed.

My head was filled with thoughts of Lisa.

How do we blend? How do I even look at her.

It started raining heavily I was unable to see where I was driving to.

I can't stop the car because I don't even know the spot I'm at the moment.

I know am a highway stopping the car without seeing anything is more like death sentence.

I was still trying to move slowly when I got hit by a trailer..

Everything happened so fast the next thing my car was thrown upside down.

My face was covered in blood and that was it.

It's better to die this way than die in pain.

💚 Mrs Monteiro 💜

I was in my room doing some catching up with Lisa.

" So tell how was it like in the convent." I asked as she placed her head on my thigh while I stroke it lovingly.

I really enjoy every moment with her.

" Well it wasn't all fanny but I enjoyed it because I made friends and family too." She said smartly.

" What do you say we pay them a visit together. " I pinched her nose bridge playfully.

Suddenly it started raining heavily. 

Omg Drake isn't back yet and am sure he's gonna be stuck.

I picked up my phone and dialed his line but it wasn't connecting.

Why am I having a bad feeling like something bad is about to happen.

" What's wrong mom you look tensed." Lisa stood up immediately.

" Drake ain't home yet and his cellphone isn't connecting." I said with worry written all over my face.

" Wait let me try calling." She said and brought out her cellphone.

She also tried but it wasn't connecting..

" Am worried mom what if something bad had happened." Lisa panicked.

Swears if anything happens to my Drake I won't be able to live with it..

When Isabelle went Missing , my husband had left me because he blames me for everything..

I couldn't live without them so had to adopt Drake who filled the hole in my heart.

He was the son I never had I love him so much.

My phone buzzing sound jerked me outta my thoughts.

I glanced at the screen it was Drake's number..

I picked it up and placed it on my ear immediately..

📞Drake baby where are you? " I asked immediately I picked up..

📞Good evening ma'am are you Mrs Elizabeth Monteiro? " A strange man asked.

📞Yea I'm where's Drake and why are you calling from his phone? " I was panicking as my heart beat had increased.

📞 Calm down ma'am the owner of the  phone was involved in a fatal accident and was rushed to the city hospital. " He said the phone fell off my hands.



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