Saturday, 30 May 2020



{ He's a sex addict}


❌ Drake Monteiro ❌

I walked into my company ignoring the greetings from my employees.

I walk pass Lydia's desk and ask her to see me in my office.

I'd dismissed my assistant, I don't want to attend any meeting today.

Am gonna focus on paperwork instead. 

I removed my blazer and dropped on the couch in my office.

I walked towards the glass view of my office and watched the city from up here.

I heard the door cracked open. I need no one to tell me who was that.

" Hello sweet pie." She whispered and sneaked her arms around my waist from behind.

" Hey Lydia." I turned to face her.

She was wearing a button up shirt with few buttons left open. I could see her cleavage.

Lydia is a temptress. And a seductress. 

" Miss me much?" She said and brushed her lips against my ear.

I grabbed hold of her *ss and gave it a squeeze.

She moan soft as I nibble on her buttom lip and bit it playfully.

She ran her fingers through my broad chest and unbuttoned my shirt.

If this is the only way to forget Lisa then am willing to take my chances.

I lifted her up and took her to the couch. I made her lay down as I pressed kisses on her sensitive spots. She moan into my mouth.

I smooched her tits and brought them out from their prison. I took one into my mouth and gave it a little sucking.

She fondle with my hair as I gave her tits the judgement they deserve.

She removed my belt and freed my beast. She moved from the couch and squat infront of me taking my beast into the warmth of her mouth.

She gave me deep throat sucking. I closed my eyes letting the pleasure flow through my body. 

I grabbed a handful of her hair and I gave her guidelines for sucking..

I urged her to suck me faster.

Was feeling my cum building up.

I pulled her up and turned her over before sliding in my beast into her honey pot from behind.

I grabbed hold of her hair aggressively making her wince in pain.

I was thrusting in and outta her roughly.

Was emptying my pain into the sex.

Her moans soon turned to sob as I was bent of destroying her honey pot.

Her legs went jellies and couldn't stand properly.

I supported her legs and kept moving in and outta her aggressively till I reached climax.

I brought out my beast and emptied my cum on her tits.

I left her on the ground and walked into my office bathroom.

I turned on the tap and splashed water on my face repeatedly.

Sadly enough all this doesn't change the fact that my love for Lisa kept increasing daily.

I grunt and punched the mirror making my knuckles bleed profusely.

" Damn you love." I half yelled..

The mirror was cracked due to the punch.




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