Saturday, 30 May 2020



{ He's a sex addict}


💐 Lisa Bartlett 💐

Why is he so upset . Is it because of the kiss or what.

I don't really know what to think anymore.

We're both caught up in all of this drama. I watched as his car drove off in speed.

I walked quietly to my quarters , am not ready to  move into the mansion just yet.

I needed time to clear my head before moving in with mom.

All this is really eating me up . I'm in love with my brother my biological brother.

My laid down on my bed staring at the ceiling thinking about everything we have done in this past few days.

From the library to the hill top.Silent tears roll down my cheeks.

I wish all of this wasn't true. I wish we weren't related , even if it's just a one side thing I would still be happy.

A knock landed on my door I quickly wipe off my tears.

"Come in." I Mumbled as I made sure there's no tears in my eyes.

It was mom and she had the worried look on.

" Are you alright dear?" She asked and sat down close to me.

" Yes mom am fine. What about you how are you holding up?" I asked .

" Am happy I got you back after so many years of searching. " She smiled .

For the first time since forever I saw a bright smile of a mother not the smile of a shopping freak.

" Am happy too. After so long I now have the love of a mother." I said with sincerity.

I really love her because even though she never knew I was her child she always treated me with so much love.

" I need you to do something for me dear." She spoke up.

" What is it mom. Tell me you know am always ready to help." I responded.

" It's about Drake he has been acting all cold for days now I want you to help me talk to him maybe he might listen to you. " She said with concern.

At the mention of his name my face went sour. I wish he was also ready to talk to me.

For the sake of mom I won't give up on him yet.

" I'll try mom if that's what's gonna make you happy." I SMiled weakly.

Deep down I really wanted to see Drake and tell him not to run away from his problems.

We're supposed to face our problems no matter what.

" Thank you so much dear." She pulled me closer and picked my cheeks.

" Anytime mom. " I muttered.

" You should come with me dear it's have desert together please please don't say no." She pleaded.

" Alright alright alright mom am coming give me a minute. " I chuckled.



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