Friday, 29 May 2020



{ He's a sex addict}


❌ Drake Monteiro ❌

I woke up the next morning with a serious hangover. Gush I don't remember drinking too much.

A knock landed on my door I managed to say a come. The door cracked open revealing mom.

She came in with a cup of caffeine and some drugs. I was ashamed of staring at her.

I know she must have been worried all night because of me.

" Here have this it'll help reduce the pain." She said Calmly and handed me the caffeine. I took it from her and gulp down.

" Mom..I.."

" No baby it's okay I should be one apologizing. I know it's alot to take in. " She said and ran her fingers through my hair.

" Am sorry for misbehaving last night. I shouldn't have gotten drunk." I Mumbled sadly.

"It's alright baby you should take the day off and relax. " She insisted but I declined.

" Am sorry but I can't take a day off am perfectly fine. " I objected.

" Fine you win. I send your breakfast upstairs." She stood up and walked outta my room.

I managed to get outta bed and dragged myself to the bathroom for a shower.

All I needed at the moment was to get away from home.


I got clad in a black tuxedo suit and mirror shoe before walking outta my room.

I jogged downstairs only to bumped into Lisa but I tried to avoid her.

"Wait up Drake." She raced after me but I walked even faster.

 " What is it Lisa?" I asked not staring at her.

" I just wanted to ask if you're mad at me or something." She said sadly.

I stopped walking and turned to her.

" Ofcourse not why would I be angry at you. You didn't do anything did you? " I furrowed my brows.

" Just that we haven't had the chance to talk about what went down yesterday. " She played with her fingers.

" Am sorry Lisa or should I say Isabelle but there's nothing to talk about okay? Am running late at the moment catch ya later. " I SMiled weakly and entered my car before driving away.

Am just gonna try harder to kill that feeling no matter what. 

Lisa is my family no matter how much I try to think all this is a dream but each time I blink I still find myself stuck in this reality.

I drove with anger surging through my body. 

Why does she have to be my little sister.

Maybe God is actually punish me for all my crimes.

He's trying to show me that I can never be loved no matter how hard I tried.

Am just gonna go back to my old self and accept the fact that love isn't for someone like me.



  1. I belive Drake was adopted wen issabella got guys let's find out if i'm right or wrong..

  2. Enter your comment...Drake take it easy ok

  3. Hey dont go back to the old drake

  4. Bt author,anybody can be with d anklet na,she should ve carru out DNA for confirmation. Nice one



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