Friday, 29 May 2020



{ He's a sex addict}


💐 Lisa Bartlett 💐

It's been hours since I found out this bitter truth about my biological family.

I can't believe I fell inlove with my own brother.

Is this faith or punishment?

Drake was nowhere to be found for awhile now.

Wonder where he went all day.

All this year's working as a maid in my mom's house she never made me feel lesser right from day one she treated me like her child.

Even though I wanted to get mad at her but I can't.

The love i have for her has taken over the hate in my heart.

Right now I really wanna talk to Drake and see how he's taking the news.

Am seriously worried , mom's own case is worst she's scared something bad might have happened to him..

To top it all he's not answering calls and it's past midnight.

" Relax mom he's gonna be fine maybe he got caught up because of the weather." I defended even though deep down I was super scared myself.

Suddenly the front door pushed open revealing Drake he's all drenched and looked miserable.

" Drake." I rushed to him.

He was ricking of alcohol. 

" Oh my goodness Drake are you okay?" Mom panicked.

He ignored her and turned to look at me. He removed my hand from his body.

He ignored me and mom and staggered upstairs to his room.

Seriously his condition is terrible. I saw pain and regrets in his eyes.

Mom fell to the ground in tears .

" Relax mom he's probably going through alot he'll be fine." I assured her.

" This is all my fault .if I'd not been careless Bella won't have been able to take you away from me. I lost my husband now Drake is mad at me." She lamented.

I felt so hurt seeing her in such a pitiful condition.

" Don't talk like that mom. Drake loves you and am sure he's gonna come around soon." I comfortable her.

She held me close and cried her out in my arms. 

Haven't been caught up in this kinda hard situation before.

I really wanted to talk to him.

I managed to Get mom upstairs to her room and made her sleep assuring her that Drake would come around.

I left her room and headed to Drake's.

I knocked but got no response. Had to open the door and let myself in.

I found him laying down on his bed with  his drenched clothes on..

I still don't get why he would get himself so drunk to this extent.

Haven't seen this vulnerable part of Drake before.

The little time have known him to be a strong man not this weak person right here.

I helped him remove his shoes and his tie too.



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