Thursday, 28 May 2020



{ He's a sex addict}


👑Drake Monteiro 👑

" Mom what's the emergency?" I asked as I rushed into her room only to find her in tears.

She had given me a call to come back home from the company immediately.

Even though I was in an important meeting had to abort everything just so I could come back home to meet mom.

She stood up and walked towards the window.

" Talk to me to mom you getting me scared." I muttered as I was getting worried.

" I found your sister Isabelle. " She mumbled and i my face lit up immediately.

" Really mom ? That's good news where's she now I need to meet her." I said unable to contain my excitement.

" She's here in this mansion all along right under our nose but I never knew she was Isabelle. "She said and sniff.

" Huh? Here in Monteiro mansion? Who's she mom. " I asked anxiety.

What does she mean by she's here.

" Isabelle is Lisa all along and I failed to see it. " She said quietly.

It was like my heart skip a beat.

No this has to be a joke.

"What are you saying mom what kinda joke is this?" I chuckled praying all this was a joke .

" Am not joking Drake Lisa is your sister. I found out today that she was Isabelle. " She tried to come close but I move back.

No this is not happening.

" No Mom this is not possible. Lisa cannot be my sister no Mom am sure this is one of your numerous joke. " I said as my eyes had become glossy.

" No it's true Lisa is Isabelle. " She cried even more.

I ran outta the room ignoring her calling.

I entered my car and drove outta the house in speed.

What kinda of game is God playing with me ?

No I really wish this is all a dream.

Does it mean I was attracted to my own flesh and blood?

I drove to nowhere in particular just wanted to clear my head.

It started raining heavily. I parked my car and came outta the car..

"AIssh!!!" I yelled out loud as tears roll down my cheeks.

I can't believe I'm in love with my sister.

Fell to the ground in tears as my clothes got  drenched in the rain.

Am not that strong I get sick easily but I don't care if I get sick.

How can this be happening to me. Why am I so unfortunate ?

The only chance I got to love now it's never gonna happen.

Love is not meant for someone like me. Am better off as a player.

How am I gonna be able to look Lisa in the face again.

"Damn you love you!!!!" I screamed out in the rain.

I don't care if I get sick all i can think of is how am gonna be able to live with this kinda pain in my heart.




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