Thursday, 28 May 2020



{ He's a sex addict}


🌹 Lisa Bartlett 🌹

Ptweew thank goodness am done for today.

I jumped on my bed tiredly as I remembered the picnic with Drake.

It was fun though but the fun part was when I gave him my first kiss.

I know he's gonna be sad if he finds out it's my first kiss.

My birthday is in few days I wonder if my actual parents remember that.

I sat up and brought out my anklet. Almost immediately Mrs Monteiro Walked into my room without knocking.

" Ooopsie I forgot to knock hope you not mad." She politely.

" No ofcourse not. Do you need anything?" I asked. Totally forgot to keep my anklet back...

" Erm it's about D.. " she paused as her eyes landed on the anklet on the bed.

" Are you okay ma'am?" I asked.

She gasps as she picked it up.

" Where did you get this dear? " She said as her voice was slowly cracking. 

" It's the only thing I have left of my birth parent. Sister mandaline found me by her doorstep with this anklet on. " I explained ..

She covered her mouth as tears roll down her cheeks.

Did I say something wrong?

" Can you please tell me the year ." She said trying to control herself.

Am seriously confused. Why all this questions all of a sudden.

" October 1983." I Mumbled as I looked at her in a confused way.

To my surprise she pulled me into a hug as she sobbed on my shoulder.

* Oh my goodness my baby. I can't believe you were here with me all this while and I failed to see that. " She cried even more.

" You're freaking out what's going on ma'am." I frown deeply for my head was beginning to hurt pretty much.

" You're my Isabelle my daughter ." She cried.

What !!! D... Aughter??

I pulled away from the hug.

" You're... M.. my.. m.. mom?" I stammered as my lips were trembling.

She nodded in tears.

" All this years you were here with me and I never knew.." she tried to touch me but I stopped her.

All this is too much for me right now.

Is she trying to say that Drake is my brother?

" No no this is not possible ... It's not true , please tell me this is a joke. " I shook my head unable to believe any of this.

" Am sorry baby but it's true. All this years I spent my life searching for you. I went from one orphanage to another. " She said  more tears came rushing out.

" No you didn't look for me . You abandoned me because you don't care about me. You left me to die. " I stood up as I half yelled at her.

" I didn't abandon you, you were kidnapped by my family rival. When we caught her she confessed to the crime and also said she dumped you in an orphanage. Ever since then I've been searching for you. " She pulled me into a hug as we cried in each other's arms.



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