Saturday, 23 May 2020



{ He's a sex addict}


🌷Lisa Bartlett 🌷

Ptweew thank goodness he was being nice again today. He even liked my gift.

Well that's a relief to know he was happy about my gift but why is he asking about the other twin bracelet.

Very soon am gonna check in the library to see if I can find something related to this.

He said something about a story behind the twin bracelet.

It was be very special for the salesman to ask me to take it.

I went back to work and cleaned up the kitchen counter.


I fell oh my bed tiredly. Work my *ss out. Mrs Monteiro was against me working, but I'd refused to remain in my room.

Working as been part of my life taking a break is like a death sentence to me.

I opened the side drawer and brought out my anklet.

It's the only thing I've of my past.

No parents and relations. I grew up in a foster home.

I was made to believe my parents abandoned me.that am good for nothing.

After I excaped from the foster home I decided to look for a job and start over again.

That's when I got this job thanks to mrs Monteiro.

She took me in and give me enough for me not as about my family.

I'm determined to find my parents not because I need them but because I want to know why they'd abandoned me in the street.

Why they're so wicked to toss away their child. If they didn't want me they shouldn't have given birth to me.

The anklet was made of pure gold. Which means I might have come from a well to do family.

I once took it out to the jeweler and tried selling it.

The money he mentioned is enough to start up a company but I refused to sell it.

Hmmm I feel so sophocated right now.

I kept the anklet back in my drawer and pulled off my clothes before walking into the bathroom.

I stepped into the jacuzzi tub and relaxed into it as the cold water came in contact with my bare skin.

It feels so warm and relaxing. I closed my eyes enjoying the warmth.

Soon I was done bathing. I picked out one of the robe and wore it before walking outta the bathroom.

Almost immediately Mrs Monteiro walked into my room.

"Erm are you busy Dear?" She asked nicely.

" Not really mom.just finished bathing,why ain't you asleep yet." I tied a towel around my hair.

" I couldn't sleep. haven't seen you since. Hope you didn't get worked up by the party." She said Calmly and took her seat on my bed.

" No no ofcourse not am just happy everything went as planned." I SMiled.

" Yes dear I just wish my Isabelle was here today to celebrate with us then it would be one big happy birthday party." She said and sigh sadly.

" Wow I never knew you had a daughter. Where's she at the moment? London, Russia, Florida, really happy to know you have a daughter." I said hapily and took my seat beside her.

She didn't seem pretty happy.

" I wish she was in any of the places you mentioned.anyways forget about that. You should get some sleep okay?"she patted my shoulder before standing up.

" Okay mom I'll and you too. You don't look so well you need to rest also." I said Calmly.

" Good night buttercup." She blow me an invisible kiss.

I chuckled softly as I watched her walked outta my room.




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