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{ He's a sex addict}


🌟 Drake Monteiro 🌟

I took all the gifts to my room and started opening all the gifts one after the other.

Mom bought so many gifts I lost count.

I opened one of mom's gift and I couldn't hold my laughter.

Mom bought me men's underwear 😂 this is Hilarious.

Something caught my attention. It was a small gift box.

I suddenly remembered the gift of the maid .

What could possibly be inside it.  I picked it up and opened it.

Behold it was a beautiful bracelet with a curving on it. ' Jasmine'  wow this is the twin bracelet of two British lovers.

Jasmine and peaches. It's a legend of two lovers who killed their selves so they can be together even in the after life. 

How did she get her hands on it. Gosh this is the most beautiful gift have received.

I better talk to her. I stood up and walked outta my room.

Everyone had left just the cleaners doing their job.

I walked around checking if I would see her and luckily I did.

She was at the kitchen trying to do the dishes.

"Hey." I Mumbled as I got closer.

"Young master. Is there anything you would like me to do for you? " She said nicely.

I don't really get why she's still being nice to me even after everything have done to her.

"Erm this bracelet. Where did you get it from?" I showed her the gift.

"  Actually I bought them at the gift shop where I'd followed your mom to buy some gifts. " She simply said.

" Hmmm do you know the story behind it? And by the way it's a twin bracelet. " I said 

" Yes I know it's a twin bracelet. I've the other one, actually it was the salesman that insisted I buy it  I'm sorry if you don't like my gift." She bowed slightly.

" No no it's cool. I like it thanks." I SMiled.

"Am glad you like my gift sir if you don't mind I would like to get back to work. " She said respectfully.

I was outta words for I didn't know what to say to her at the moment.

" Okay good." I Walked away.

I wanted to go upstairs to my room but I got a changed of heart I decided to go to the mini bar.

Why would she buy me such priceless gift?

This questions kept ringing in my head.

I pour myself some tequila and gulp down the whole content.

I eventually got tired of drinking and Decided to go upstairs to my room.

I held on to the bracelet and fondle with it.

I really don't understand anything right now.

She's supposed to get mad at me for hurting her but here she's being all nice to me.

Sometimes I feel bad about everything and doing.

I ran my fingers around the bracelet observing it.

It's so beautiful and angelic too.

I inhaled deeply before sliding it into my hand. 

Somehow I felt so guilty about everything have been doing.

For the first time ever I had a few minutes conversation with her and in those few minutes I came to realize she's not a bad person.

I'm the villian here. I tried so much to make this job unbearable for her.

I called her a lowlife and other names but I failed to see the sweet spirit behind that body.

Maybe I should apologize once more for my rude behavior.



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