Thursday, 21 May 2020



{ He's a sex addict}


🌟 Drake Monteiro 🌟

I was in my cabin working on some files that needed my attention.

A knocked landed on my door.

"The door ain't locked." I Mumbled as I busy with the files.

The door pushed open and the person walked in.

I didn't bother sparing them A glance. 

" What is it Luke I told you no more visitors." I groan softly thinking it was actually Luke.

" You're stressing yourself too much sweetie. " Lydia my busty secretary said.

I raised my head only to meet a beautiful view of her b**B's.

"Lydia ? I never knew you were the one." I dropped my stamp.

" I could you know when you're so engrossed in work. Sometimes I feel you're no fun. "She said seductively as she ran her fingers through my hair.

" You want some fun? Let me show you what fun actually mean. " I said in a husky voice as I pulled her close and crashed my lips on hers.

She responded immediately as I roughly kissed her.

I  cleared the desk and made her seat on it.

I got in between her legs as I trailed kissses around her neck area.

She moaned softly as my lips found it way to her cleavage .

I brought one of her tits and took it into my mouth as I gave it some serious sucking.

She moaned sweetly into my ear as I suck on the other one.

My fingers found their way to her wet honey pot as I tickle her wetness through her pants .

She gasps as I slide in my fingers.

I finger f**k for awhile till my little man was fully erect.

I unzipped my zipper and brought out my joystick.

I shifted her pant and slide it in.

I thrust in and outta in full speed.

Her moans filled the place luckily my office is sound proof.

I brought out my joystick and cummed massively.

What happened next was history.




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