Wednesday, 20 May 2020



{ He's a sex addict}


❤ Mrs Montez ❤

I went upstairs to my room and made sure the door was locked before bringing out the only picture I had of my daughter Isabelle.

Oh I missed her so much. It's been 25 years now since I lost her .

Where are you my child? Hope you're safe?

I don't know whenever am with Lisa my worries go away.

I held the picture close to my chest as I sobbed quietly.

I don't even know what she looks like anymore or if she's actually alive right now.

She was just two weeks old when a maid which I trusted so much ran away with my Isabelle.

We searched everywhere but we couldn't find her or the baby.

But uptill this day I didn't stop searching. My child is alive somewhere.

I kept the picture back in the drawer and dried my tears.

I stood up and towards Drake's room.

I knocked on his door and I heard a come in.

"Do you have a moment baby?" I said and moved closer to him.

He laid on his bed soaking.

I know him too well to know when he's actually Ang r y.

'knock yourself out. " He said nonchalantly.

" Are you mad at me baby? " I asked 

" Kinda. "

" Look my dear am sorry okay just that I can't watch you make the wrong move when I can possibly correct it. " I explained but he didn't look at me...

" You slapped me because of her."

"Am sorry my love but I'm your mother and I deserve every right to correct your comings. " I chuckled softly.

" Hmmm. "

" My baby look at me dear." I ruffle his hair as he chuckled softly..

He looked at me and smile.

"Thanks my dear come here." I pulled him into a hug.

I love Drake so so much.

Ever since I lost my Isabelle he has been my source of happiness.

He's the reason am still alive today.




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