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Season 2

Episode 34

(Are you protecting my woman (2)

They just stared at each other, in silence.    

After a few moments, Cherry gave up, because she knew that she couldn't convince Jackson to change his mind. She had a clear understanding of Jackson's character.    

She looked away, and asked him, "Now, please tell me what do you want? How can you let Stephen off?"  

Jackson looked at Cherry, and wondered why would she fight against him just for the sake of another man.    

After thinking for some time, Jackson finally opened his mouth and answered, "I'll think about it after you come back to the apartment."    

Cherry was taken aback when she heard Jackson mention about the apartment. She stared at Jackson and knew that he wasn't joking; he was dead serious about it.    

She asked herself, 'Can I actually return to that apartment after all these years? Will Joe want to come with me?' She wondered what would happen if she moved back there, and if she actually wanted to take such a big risk. She would agree with whatever Jackson asked, but only on the condition that she would move back in alone. 

Joe was her son, and Jackson at the moment had no idea of Joe's existence. But what if Jackson already knew about Joe?  How could she allow Joe to live with him?  

Seeing Cherry's hesitation, Jackson asked, "Come on! Have you refused my offer already?"    

Cherry looked at Jackson seriously, and answered, "Yes, I refuse you. I won't come back to live with you."    

But it seemed that Jackson was fine with Cherry's refusal. He smiled at her, and said, "Alright, like you say, but because I'm in such a really good mood right now, I have another option for you if you still want to save your Stephen." 

"What?" immediately asked Cherry. She wouldn't give up on saving Stephen.    

Jackson looked at Cherry, and clearly said word by word, "You can kneel and beg."    

Cherry was caught totally unprepared, and she had to back away from him several steps. She then took a firm stand, and carefully observed Jackson. Kneeling down? Was he actually serious? Begging?  

Jackson looked at Cherry and regretted his words. He shouldn't have demanded so much from the woman he loved, and he was pushing her really hard to her limit. 

He wondered how could he even say such atrocious things to Cherry? He couldn't wait to have her again under his protection, and clearly he hadn't been himself when he asked her to kneel down in front of him.    

Cherry was left dumbstruck by his request. She gnashed and finally made up her mind. Five years ago Stephen had helped both her and Joe at great costs, and as a consequence, he had constantly been hurt by Jackson. But he had never complained about this, and now it was her turn to help him out. 

As long as Stephen was fine, kneeling down and begging wasn't that much of a big and serious deal. 

After all, it was very important for Stephen to keep the Anshi Group intact, and she decided that she would help him with this. Besides, Jackson was doing this just to feed his ego and to make himself look strong and dignified in front of her. 

He always thought highly of himself, and he always wanted other people to obey him, to admire him, and most of all, to fear him. He was hating her for abandoning him five years ago. This was now his time to take his revenge on her.  

Cherry took a deep breath and slowly came closer to Jackson.  

When Jackson saw Cherry approaching him he appeared to be calm, but in reality, he was afraid. 'What will she do? Will she actually kneel and beg?' he wondered.    

Cherry stopped just a step away from Jackson. She looked at him, and with disappointment and despair in her voice, asked, "Will you let Stephen and the Anshi Group alone if I kneel down and beg?"    From Cherry's pleading voice, Jackson knew that she was serious. He knew what Cherry was about to do next.    

Cherry bent her knees and was just about to kneel down in front of him, but suddenly someone grabbed Cherry's arm and stopped her.  

Cherry lost her balance for a moment and then fell towards the man standing behind her.    

Stephen caught Cherry in his arms while he shot an angry and defiant glance at Jackson.    

Jackson's face darkened in an instant when he saw the intimacy between Stephen and Cherry. A surge of fury was lit in his mind.    

After Cherry stood back on her own feet, she looked at the man who had caught her and found that it had actually been Stephen.    


He ignored the surprise in Cherry's voice, and as he stared at Jackson, he furiously asked, "You even have the nerve to bully a woman!"    

Jackson smiled wryly, and answered him, "I didn't bully her. She was actually willing to do this for you."    

"Jackson, do you think that I'm threatening you?" Because Jackson couldn't frighten him, Stephen continued, "I won't allow Cherry to be hurt, and even if I have to lose the Anshi Group and end up broke, I'm still going to protect her!"    

Stephen's words, worth as much as an open declaration of love, surprised Cherry, and at the same time angered Jackson very badly.  

Cherry had never thought that Stephen would ever say such a thing. He would give up his whole entire career and all of his assets just to stop her from kneeling down on the floor in front of Jackson.

Jackson's anger was now nearly uncontrollable. 'Is Stephen now demonstrating his strength and bravery?' pondered Jackson. 'Or is he just showing me that he's protecting my woman?'



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