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Season 2

Episode 33

(Are you protecting my woman(1)

An hour passed, and finally the most exciting moment of the evening came.    

The host went on stage again and looked at the audience. He cheerfully said, "Should I now announce the winner of the Future Project?"    

His question took everyone's breath away, and all the people were listening to what the host had to say.  

He loudly and clearly announced, "The final winner of the Future Project is the JS Group!"    

After that moment, all hearts settled down.    

This announcement was applauded by the audience, but some of them were disappointed at the result and even angry.    

Selina gave Jackson a big smile, and so did Derek, not to mention that Jackson's grin was from ear to ear.    

However, Cherry paid no attention to the three people sitting around her, and when she turned her head to look at Stephen, her eyes met with his. She saw the despair and hopelessness in them, and she remembered what he said to her earlier that he had put everything that he had in the Future Project.  

Cherry wasn't prepared for what was about to occur next.    

With a big smile on his face, the host said, "Let's welcome now Selina Lu, the CEO of the JS Group, to come onstage and say a few words."    

With a burst of applause, Selina went on the stage and shook hands with the host. She took the microphone from him, and with a big smile on her face she proudly addressed the audience in front of her.    

"Thank you for supporting the JS Group. I very much appreciate both the committee's and government's approval to our company's efforts. I always believe that the Future Project belongs to the JS Group, as well as to every citizen resident in this city. Let's make a joint effort and make our city a better one!"  

After she said this, thunderous applauses were heard, mingled with words of admiration, blessings, jealousy or hatred.    

Selina glanced for a moment at Jackson and then looked at the audience again. Wearing her charming professional smile on her beautiful face, she said, "I want to announce something else. Since the JS Group has won the Future Project, our next goal now is to purchase the Anshi Group at all costs."  

When they heard the surprising announcement, a wave of bewilderment engulfed all the members of the crowd. Cherry was also astonished. She looked at Selina, and had no idea of what she meant by that.    

Then, Cherry turned to look at Stephen, but she couldn't see how he looked like because he had had his head lowered.    

All of a sudden, Cherry wondered, 'Why would Selina want to do that?'  

Obviously, the purchasing plan was targeting Stephen, forcing him out of the business world.    

When she looked at Selina again, she saw that her eyes looked very different and very strange from how they usually used to be. It seemed that Selina was trying to imply something to somebody.  

Cherry looked into the direction Selina's eyes were gazing, and found that Selina was nodding to Jackson. That was the moment when Cherry understood everything.    

When Jackson sensed that Cherry was staring at him, he also turned his head to look at her.    

Incredulous, Cherry asked Jackson, "Did you plan all of this all by yourself?"    

"Plan? What do you mean by that?" answered Jackson.  He continued, "I think that all of this happened quite naturally."  

"Well, what about this thing that Selina said earlier, about purchasing the Anshi Group?" Cherry started to get frustrated and angry. She said, "The Anshi Group is all that Stephen has, it's his life. If you purchase it, then what will become of Stephen?"    

"Why do you care about Stephen?" asked Jackson infuriated. 'This damned woman thinks only of Stephen, ' thought Jackson.    

Cherry stared at Jackson and said nothing.    

Her silence angered Jackson even more, and he suddenly stood up from his chair, and quickly turned around and left.  

As she looked at Jackson's disappearing figure, Cherry also hastily stood up and followed him outside.    

In the corridor, Cherry got behind Jackson, and said, "Jackson, wait a minute! I have something to tell you."    

When Cherry saw that Jackson wouldn't slow down, she repeated her words for several times, but to no avail, because Jackson still didn't want to stop and listen to her.    
After that, Cherry run ahead of Jackson and blocked his way. She glared at him.  

Finally, Jackson stopped, and as he looked at Cherry, asked, "Say it! What do you want to tell me?"    

Cherry suppressed her emotions and sternly said, "Let him off! When will you finally stop treating him as an enemy?" said Cherry.    

She knew better than any other people that Jackson did this just to destroy Stephen. She wasn't stupid to ignore Jackson's shameless conspiracy. Jackson wanted Stephen to accept the deal, so that he could be destroyed completely.    
"Let him off?" asked Jackson. He looked Cherry in the eyes, and added, "Why do you think that you can bargain with me?"  

"Why do you want to do this? Why do you want him dead?" asked Cherry furiously.    

Without any sort of hesitation, Jackson answered her, "Because he helped you run away five years ago. 

Did you really think that I wouldn't find out that he was the one that helped you run away from me?"    

Cherry had guessed it all; it seemed that Jackson had indeed known everything.    

"So that's why in the past five years you've been making trouble for him? That's why you've been making his life miserable?" asked Cherry.    

"Yes, that's why, " confessed Jackson. He then continued, "Whoever dares to oppose me will end up dead."  

Cherry then looked into Jackson eyes, and said, "Am I going to be dead?"    

Jackson couldn't control his anger anymore, and as he stared back at her, he answered, "Yes, sooner or later you'll also be dead."    

When she heard him, Cherry lost all of her words. She couldn't believe what Jackson said to her. She thought that maybe he was right, and that one day she would also die by his hand.  




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