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Season 2

Episode 32

(The final result)

Andrew nodded, and helplessly replied, "But we have no idea where Cherry is right now."    

"Actually, grandpa... " but Selina's words were quickly interrupted by Derek before she could utter all of them.    

"Selina, how dare you interrupt grandpa! Just listen, " said Derek. 

He taught Selina a lesson, just like an elder brother was supposed to.    
Seeing Derek's fierce expression, Selina suddenly understood what he meant and changed her words. "I also want to meet my sister-in-law. I still haven't met her since I returned to the country years ago."  

Hearing Selina's words, Andrew sighed again.    

Derek and Selina were both relieved when they saw that Andrew didn't suspect anything.    

Jackson also didn't say anything, and instead kept his head lowered. 

All of his mind was filled with images of Cherry.    

At the Future Project Business Bidding Venue    All the businessmen that were to participate in the bidding were sitting in front of the stage and watching the host introducing the event.  

Cherry was seated next to Selina and looked at Jackson, who was sitting opposite to her boss. His face was very calm, and it looked that nothing that was happening there had anything to do with him.    
Derek sat beside him, also silent, and was just looking around.    

"There are a lot of people here today, " suddenly said Selina.    

Derek quickly added, "That's right. 

On such a grand occasion like this one, even if you're not a competitor, it's still worth the time to just witness the brilliant moment when the bidding result of the Future Project is announced."  

Cherry looked around without saying anything, and she suddenly exchanged glances with Wilson, who was sitting somewhere near her.    

Cherry nodded to him and then turned around. She then said to Selina, "Miss Selina, I'm going to go and talk with my brother for a moment."    

Hearing Cherry's words, Selina also saw Wilson. She slightly nodded, and with a smile on her face, said, "Okay, but don't be gone for too long, the bid is about to begin soon."    

"Okay, I won't, " replied Cherry.    

Looking at Cherry's back, Jackson wondered, 'Will she be surprised when the result is announced later?'  

Cherry walked up to Wilson, and in a low voice, asked, "Brother, are you sure about this?"    

With a smile on his face, Wilson replied, "Don't worry about it. The business plan I submitted is very elaborate, and I've taken every possible detail into consideration. It should win."    

"Um, good then." Cherry felt that something unexpected would happen with no reason.    

"How is everything going on your side? How is the JS Group doing?" asked Wilson.  

Cherry helplessly shook her head, and replied, "I really don't know. I'm just accompanying Miss Selina to the event, and I have no idea about any of the details of their project."    

Wilson nodded, and thought, 'Cherry's right, she's just a secretary, and she couldn't possibly know about any inside details.'    

At that time, Stephen also arrived, and both Cherry and Wilson slightly nodded to him to greet him.    

Cherry noticed that he had become much more thinner since they had last met, and she guessed that maybe he had lost weight because of the heavy work he had put in for his project.  

"Stephen, how is everything going on your side?" asked Wilson.    

Stephen first looked at Cherry and then at Wilson, and seriously replied, "I've been very busy with the project. Two months ago I merged all of my savings and bars to set up the Anshi Group, but the business plan will be announced today. Do you think everyone here will be shocked?"    

Wilson was a little surprised, and quickly asked, "So is your Anshi Group very big?"    

Stephen smiled at him, and replied, "Maybe; its size can be compared to the JS Group." He then glanced at Cherry, and continued, "After all, this is all that I have, and I put all of my efforts and energy in this Future Project bid."  

Cherry didn't say anything, but she was a little worried about Stephen since he had put too much effort on the bid. She wondered if he could actually win it.    

Wilson, on the other hand, wasn't that excited. He had thought at first that Stephen's company was similar to his company, but when Stephen said that the size of the Anshi Group could be compared to that of the JS Group, his odds of success became a lot more risky.    

Cherry couldn't help but look around and notice that Jackson was staring at her with an angry look in his eyes, so she quickly averted her eyes.  

"I'll go now, Miss Selina is waiting for me, " said Cherry.    

Wilson nodded, and said, "Okay."    

"Cherry, if I win the project, would you please come to work for the Anshi Group instead?" anxiously asked Stephen. He wanted to always keep Cherry by his side, and he thought that it would be better for her to work in the Anshi Group rather than the JS Group.    

Cherry didn't know how to answer him, since she had no plan to leave the JS Group. Stephen's sudden question made her feel very awkward.  

Seeing that Cherry was a little embarrassed, Wilson quickly added, "But let's talk about this later. Give her some time to consider it."    

Stephen then nodded, and just stared at her.    

Cherry said, "Okay, I'll leave now."    

She turned around and immediately left.    

She was calm sitting beside Selina.    
Ten minutes later, the first round of the bid finally started. The host went on stage, and after a brief speech began to announce the results of the first round.  

"Now for the exciting moment. The companies that won the bid in the first round of the Future Project bid are... "    

Cherry smiled when she heard the host's words, because the JS Group, Stephen's company and Wilson's company had all won the first round. It seemed that all of them had the opportunity to compete and win.    

According to the following rules announced by the host, the chairman of each company was required to speak and canvass for his or her own company up on the stage.    

Cherry saw Selina walking on the stage confidently.  

An hour passed quickly, and the results of the second round were soon to be announced. In this round, only two companies would emerge victoriously.    

Everyone nervously listened to the host when he walked back on the stage.    

The host didn't say a foreword anymore, and instead went straight to the subject.    

"After a careful selection and review, I now announce that the companies that will enter the final round of the competition are the Anshi Group and the JS Group."    

After the result was announced, Cherry immediately looked at Wilson and Jackson cast his eyes on her.  

Cherry felt bad for Wilson, who had his head lowered. She thought, 'I can't imagine how sad he is right now, since he's devoted so much of his time for this, not to mention also using Uncle Jacob's connections. 

All of it was for nothing, because he still failed.'    

On the other side, when Jackson was looking at Cherry, he thought, 'She still cares about the others, but the best drama is yet to come. She'll have to admire it in its full splendor.'    
Selina looked at Jackson, and happily said, "Jackson, consider that we already won! The Future Project will belong to us!"  

But Jackson didn't reply to her, and instead was still staring at Cherry.    

Derek happily said, "The Anshi Group is not that much of a big deal, and Stephen's ability is limited. In the end, the JS Group will emerge victoriously, I don't have a doubt about it."   
Hearing the host's words, all of the people present there were still very nervous to hear the final result.    

"Dear guests, now for the third round, and to announce our final result. Who will win the Future Project? Our judges and personnel have to carefully review the final competitors, and the result will be decided within an hour. Please, be patient, and don't leave."  




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