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Season 2

Episode 13

(Promoted to secretary (1)

When she heard Cherry's words, Selina's face brightened, and happily said, "Is that a yes?"    

Cherry nodded, wearing a big smile on her face.    

"Well, I'd like to propose a toast to our future cooperation. Bottoms up!" said Selina, as she picked up her glass. She clinked it with Cherry's and then drank it in one single gulp.    

When Cherry arrived back home, she found that her family had already eaten dinner. They were all sitting on the sofa, watching TV.  

When he saw her, Joe happily ran to his mother, and greeted her, "Mommy, mommy…"    

Cherry took her son's little hand and then walked to the living room.    

"Evening, uncle, mom. I'm back, " said Cherry to Jacob and Elsa.    Concerned, Wilson asked, "Have you had dinner yet?"    

Cherry nodded, because she had already called Wilson and told him that she would have dinner in town.    
"Come on, sit here, " said Elsa, while she patted the sofa next to her and beckoned Cherry over.  

Cherry listened to her and sat beside her, while Joe sneaked into his grandma's arms.    

"How was work? Tired?" asked Elsa.    

"I'm not tired and everything went fine, " replied Cherry. She then turned to Wilson and Jacob, and continued, "By the way, I won't be working anymore in the business department."    

Wilson was a little surprised with what she said, and Jacob asked, "Were you transferred to another department by HR?"    

Elsa also looked at Cherry puzzled. Her greatest wish was to see her daughter being happy because Cherry had already suffered a great deal, but Elsa couldn't help but blame only herself for her many years of absence from her side.  

Cherry shook her head, and said, "It wasn't HR but our CEO who made the decision. She appointed me to be her new secretary."    

"Secretary..." said Elsa. She thought, 'The CEO of the JS Group is a woman. If Cherry works as her secretary, she won't be bullied, and the CEO's secretary is also mainly responsible for just some administrative work. It's a much better position than her former one was, because she doesn't have to work that hard anymore.'  

Jacob also nodded, and said, "Working as a secretary is good. It's simpler than working as a sales officer, and because you won't need to work overtime anymore, you'll have more free time to spend with Joe."    

Wilson got lost in thought when he heard his father's comment. 

Although he was worried that Cherry might be tortured by Jackson if she was around Selina, he still believed that this job was somehow a good choice for Cherry, and besides, it was not that easy for Jackson to go far in the JS Group.    
Eventually, Wilson kept his silence, and didn't comment.  

The family chatted merrily, and from time to time, Joe amused them with his childish humor, making the whole room filled with laughter.    

When it was already past ten o'clock, Jacob, Elsa, and Joe all went upstairs to go to sleep. But when Cherry was also about to go upstairs, she was suddenly stopped by Wilson.    

"Cherr, wait a moment. I want to talk with you about something, " said Wilson.    

Cherry stopped, turned around at him, and asked, "What's the matter, brother?"    

Wilson walked up to her, and said, "There's a party tomorrow evening. Would you please go together with me?"  

Cherry was a little surprised at first, because she also had to go to a party. She wondered which party was Wilson going to, and wondered whether it's the same one as hers.    
"Brother, are you going to a business party by any chance?" Cherry asked.    

When he heard, Wilson was shocked, and asked, "How do you know that?"    

Cherry smiled, and replied, "Selina also invited me to go to the party together with her on behalf of the JS Group."  

Wilson was a little upset when he heard Cherry's words, and said, "Oh, I asked you too late!"    

Cherry was a bit distressed to see Wilson like that, and said, "Brother, although I can't go with you, we're both going to the same place, and we'll still meet each other there."    

Wilson knew that Cherry was comforting him, and as he forced a smile on his face, he said, "Yes, we can still meet there."    

"That's right!" nodded Cherry.    "Cherr, " continued Wilson, "Can you be my partner at the ball tomorrow evening?"    

Wilson knew that Cherry was good at dancing, because he had once seen her dance magnificently in the middle of a dancing floor at a ball years ago when they had been abroad. Cherry had danced so well that she had become the center of everyone's attention, but her partner back then had been her boss, not Wilson. He looked forward to dancing with her, and tomorrow evening's party was the perfect occasion for him to ask her.  

It would be the first time for Cherry to take part in a party since she had come back from abroad. Selina had not told her that there would be many activities included in the party, and according to Wilson's words, it seemed that there would also be a grand ball.  

Cherry thought to herself, 'Except for Stephen and Wilson, there might be nobody familiar there at the party. Anyway, Wilson is my brother, and it's okay for me to dance with him.'
"Well, okay, " replied Cherry, with a big smile on her face. "I've never danced with you before, but because it's such a splendid opportunity, how could I ever reject it?"




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