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Season 1

Episode 87

(Go to the park together)

In the morning, with the sunlight filling into the room, Cherry opened her eyes sleepily and found Joe Shen's legs on her waist, his body sprawled on the other side of the bed.    

Cherry looked at the clock on the wall. It was 10 o'clock!    Cherry shouted in a hurry, "Joe Shen, wake up, right now!"    

Joe Shen, deep in his sleep, heard someone calling his name. He could not see who it was but his guess was on mommy.  

With his eyes still shut, Joe Shen spoke with annoyance, "Shhhhh! I need to sleep a little longer. Don't disturb my beautiful dream, please. There's a beautiful girl in my dream."    

Cherry looked at her son angrily, "Joe Shen, your computer is missing!"    

As soon as Cherry said it, she saw Joe Shen opening his eyes immediately.    

"Where is my computer? Who has taken my computer? Help me find it back, please!" Joe Shen sprang out of bed on his feet.    

His concern for his computer angered Cherry even more. She asked in a fit of anger, "Joe, is your computer more important to you than your mother?"  

It then occurred to Joe that his mommy was lying to him. He snuggled into bed, closed his eyes and tried to negotiate sleeping again. Lying on his comfortable bed, he said sleepily, "Mommy, you are the greatest mommy in the world."    
"If you mean that, get up right now." Cherry saw that her son wanted to sleep again and her anger began boiling again.    

Joe Shen couldn't tolerate his mother's noise any more. He grudgingly allowed himself to be dragged by Cherry into the washroom to wash his face.  

When Cherry, taking Joe's hand, brought him downstairs, she was welcomed by the aroma of a delicious breakfast.    

"Wow! Uncle does know how to cook!" Joe Shen shouted happily. Although he had been forced to get up so early in the morning, it was all worth it to enjoy the yummy breakfast. For this, he could forgive his mother for her bossiness.    

"Your uncle has always been good at cooking, " said Cherry, walking Joe Shen into the kitchen.    

Just then, Wilson walked out of the kitchen. Pleased to see Cherry and Joe, he greeted them lovingly, "Good morning. Now, take a seat and have your breakfast."  

The three of them sat at the table and ate their breakfast together.    

Joe Shen commented while eating the delicious food, "Mommy, I think uncle's cooking skills have improved tremendously!"    

"You're right, " Cherry nodded.    

"You should marry him so that I'll have a dad who is good at cooking." Joe Shen was not joking. He looked at Cherry very seriously.    

Cherry choked on her food and got into a fit of coughing. She was astonished at Joe Shen's ridiculous request.    

Wilson hastily brought her a glass of water so that she could smoothen the food down.  

Cherry took the glass with gratitude and drank the water slowly to relieve the discomfort forming up in her throat.    

After recovering, she looked at her naughty son and said, "You talk such nonsense! He's your uncle. How can I marry him? Don't be ridiculous."    

"Although I call him uncle, you two aren't blood relatives, right? Besides, uncle has been looking after us for a long time. Just to take care of me, he even refused other women's love. Why can't you marry him? Why can't he be my daddy?" 

Joe Shen spoke his mind boldly. For five years, he had wished to have a father, just like other kids. He needed a father who could take him to the playground and play with him.  

"Joe, how dare you say this in front of me!" Cherry was beside herself with fury. She was worried that she would not be able to control her son any more.    

Wilson, watching Cherry's temper rising, hurried to quieten Joe Shen, "Joe, don't try to anger your mother. She's right. I'm your uncle, and you're my nephew."    

"I see, " Joe nodded and lowered his head with utter disappointment. He tried but still couldn't see things from the perspectives of the adults around him. However, he really wanted his mommy to be happy. He knew that uncle loved and spoiled him, and his mommy needed that support. After all, she had been living a hard life. At nights, he could often hear mommy cry. He knew that his mommy must really miss his father, the man who had broken her heart. Why did this man leave his mommy and him?  

Joe's disappointed face made Cherry suffer. She knew that his son desperately needed a family. In those past five years, she had had a very hard time accepting that it was herself who had inflicted pain on Joe. He deserved a harmonious family which included a father. Joe was smart and thoughtful, but the lack of a father had affected his life and would continue to do so in the future. She knew this and tried hard to find a remedy but failed.  

Wilson took turns to look at Joe first and then at Cherry. He feelings towards them was also complicated. To lift up their spirits, he said, "Joe, finish your breakfast, and I will take you to the park. How does that sound?"    

"That will be good, " Joe nodded slightly, although he still kept his head low.    

Cherry swallowed her food slowly. Aware of her son's upset mood, she still had no idea of what would cheer him up.  

Cherry put on a calm face and answered quietly, "I'm gonna go visit Emily at the graveyard on the outskirts." Even before returning to China, she had planned to visit Emily. In the past five years, she had constantly missed her.    

Wilson nodded but said nothing.    Joe Shen knew that Emily had been one of mommy's closest friends. Mommy had told him some of Emily's stories too. He also knew that Emily had been his godmother.    
Joe Shen raised his head and requested timidly, "Mommy, I also want to visit Emily and pay my respect."  

Cherry knew that his son's anger had disappeared. She had always been proud of his thoughtfulness.    

"You're a good kid. I'll take you to visit Emily next time. Today, you should go to the park and play with your uncle" said Cherry. This time, she would visit Emily on her own. 

She had a lot to talk to Emily about. If Joe were present, she would have to hide some secrets from him. After all, he was still a kid, and there were things he should not be exposed to.    

"All right. But you have promised to take me there next time. Don't forget that, " Joe said stubbornly.  

"I promise." Seeing the loving and wide grin on Joe's face, Cherry smiled.    

Joe smiled back. He liked his mother's smile.    

Wilson found the exchange between the mother and the son both funny and annoying. They could quarrel at any moment, but their love was also deep. He knew that blood was thicker than water, no matter what.    

After they finished their breakfast, Wilson brought two sets of keys and handed one of them to Cherry.    
A bit astonished, she asked, "What's this?"  

"I have bought two cars. I will take the red one and the white one is for you, " Wilson said.    

Cherry took the keys and said, "Thank you, brother."    

"You're welcome. You're my sister and I will do anything for you, " Wilson added. His sister's friendly smile comforted him. He wanted his sister to be happy at all costs.    

At the entrance of the city's largest park, Wilson parked his car, took Joe's hand and walked inside. 

Amidst all of this, he had no idea that the military's residential compound was just a block away from the park.    

At the Military's Residential Compound...  

Andrew was walking towards the exit of the compound with the supports of his butler. The butler asked anxiously but respectfully, "Where are we going?"    

"To take a walk at the park. Staying at home all the time bores me. I should have made Jackson spend more time with me", Andrew answered.    

"All right. Take your time out there but watch your steps, " the butler was concerned. Andrew's health was deteriorating. Although he had no serious health problems, the butler still couldn't be too careful about him.    

Inside the park, Andrew walked slowly, observing the pedestrians. He sighed, "look at those kids and their family. They are so happy. Why doesn't Jackson spend more time with me?"  

Hearing Andrew's complain, the butler tried to comfort him, "Jackson's always busy. You know that. You should understand this must be difficult for him."

Andrew merely nodded and spoke no more.



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