Sunday, 31 May 2020



Season 3

Episode 82

(Testing From All Angles (2)

She was surrounded by the unique, light aroma of his body, which was mixed with the faint smell of tobacco, pleasant to smell and captivating to her senses.

Her brain suddenly went blank, and her heart stopped beating.

He had her trapped between his body and the coffee table. Without saying a word, he staring at her condescendingly, but didn’t make any further moves.

He was the one whom she had loved many years before… How could she stand his silent gaze?

She had intended to say, “What do you want to do?” However, he had then proceeded to put her down on the coffee table. Suddenly, because she was tongue-tied, she couldn’t speak even a word, instead staying still with her cheeks slowly blushing.

His every move had seemed to be deliberate. The second he saw her blush, he lowered his body slightly and pressed his muscular and firm chest toward her body more closely.

His smell was continuously wafting into her nose, and she felt the heat of his body through her clothes.

Her face became redder. With a trembling fingers, she wished she could hold something to calm herself down. However, what she ended up touching was the cold and smooth marble of the coffee table.

He seemed to notice her awkward movements. Holding himself up with his arms on both sides of her head, he pressed onto her more. She felt his imperceptible breath on her face. His breath was slightly hot, which made her feel numb. As time went on, she couldn’t control her breath.

His lips were less than an inch from hers. She couldn’t help holding her breath. With quivering eyelashes, she closed her eyes. However, he suddenly stopped.

This half-kiss was both the most flirtatious and the most tantalizing.

Many times, the already distracted Qin Zhi’ai nearly moved forward to reach his lips with hers.

Just as she was starting to feel out of control and took the initiative to raise her head to kiss him, his lips touched hers slowly.

Later, she felt the man’s lips rubbing gently against hers.

A strong current instantly spread throughout Qin Zhi’ai’s body. As a result, she couldn’t help but tremble.

Her subtle reaction seemed to have irritated him. The hand he had on the coffee table slowly slipped into her long hair and stopped firmly at the back of her head, then he kissed her wildly with abandon.

In Qin Zhi’ai’s memory, Gu Yusheng had never kissed her like that before… He kissed her with the resolution to break her with his mouth.

It was so violent that she felt heat travel throughout her body, until he put a stop to the intense kiss.

Then she discovered that she was standing on the ground on her toes with both of her legs limp, all due to his skill.

After a few more seconds, he lowered his head again and kissed her on the lips. Along the corner of her mouth, his kisses fell on her neck, collarbone…

With his experienced, light-hearted kiss, both of their clothes fell one after another to the ground.

As he kissed her fiercely and softly alternately, their clothes were scattered on the ground.

The temperature in the room grew higher and higher.

Harsh breaths and low moans came out of her mouth.

When they had finished, Gu Yusheng pressed Qin Zhi’ai under him. For a long time, he stayed in the same position without moving. His touch lingering on her skin, he fondled her greedily with his fingertips. When his hand had slipped to the left side of her waist, she frowned and gave a very abnormal moan in a low voice. Upon hearing that, he was stunned for a minute, then he suddenly understood. Raising himself up using his elbows, he looked at the left side of her waist.


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