Friday, 29 May 2020



Season 2

Episode 78

(You Are The Reason I Have A Good Temper (8)

Raising his hand to put a cigarette into his mouth, he took out his phone. As he smoked and blew out the smoke, he unlocked the screen and clicked on his messages with Liang Doukou, then he continued typing, “Have you eaten?”

That message was replied to after a long time. “Yes, I have.”

When Gu Yusheng had just finished reading this message, another new message came in. “Sorry to reply you so late. I didn’t look at my phone until just now.”

“Never mind.” Gu Yusheng stopped his finger which was subconsciously on the send button, then he added several words. “What are you doing now?”

“I’m shopping now.” Sitting in her office, Qin Zhi’ai was eating instant noodles. When she saw Gu Yusheng’s message, she remembered him reminding her to shop the previous night and just a moment before. Therefore, she answered with these three words.

After replying to his message, she was afraid that he wouldn’t trust her, so she opened the photo album and found a photo of the Chanel shop that she had taken when she was shopping the month before. She edited it into a multimedia message and sent it to Gu Yusheng.

After seeing those three words, “I’m shopping now,” Gu Yusheng was starting to typing the word “are” back. Suddenly, a photo appeared on the screen of his phone.

Is she really shopping? Without Zhou Jing’s accompany, alone?

Gu Yusheng frowned and saved the photo. Then he sent the photo to Lu Bancheng, who was sitting opposite him. With the cigarette still in his mouth, he asked Lu Bancheng, “Where is this?”

Hearing these words, Lu Bancheng was stunned. Before he could ask Gu Yusheng what he meant, his phone ringed with a dinging sound. When he saw the multimedia message was from Gu Yusheng, he suddenly realized what he meant. Then he raised his phone and looked carefully at the photo for a while before he recognized the location. He said, “It’s SPK.”

After putting down his phone, Lu Bancheng asked curiously, “Brother Sheng, why are you asking me this?”

Without answering his question, Gu Yusheng put out the cigarette in his mouth, then stood up and called the waiter. As he asked for the bill from the waiter, he picked up his suit and said to Lu Bancheng and Wu Hao, ” I have something to deal with. I must leave now. You can enjoy the food slowly. I’ve got the check.”

Because it was the weekend, there were many people in SPK.

The cosmetics area on the first floor had invited a female star as an advertisement endorser to promote the cosmetics of a French brand. The area was full of shouts and chaos.

Gu Yusheng walked patiently around the first floor, then he went upstairs.

SPK was made up of five floors in total. Gu Yusheng walked throughout each of the five floors but failed to find Liang Doukou.

When he returned to the first floor, leaning against the wall, he took out his phone and pretended that he had just seen Liang Doukou’s message and replied, “Are you in SPK?”

Maybe Liang Doukou was playing with her phone. After just a few seconds, she replied, “Yes.”

Yes? I’ve walked through all of SPK but still can’t find her. How could she say “yes”?

Gu Yusheng licked his lips and swallowed. Not replying to Liang Doukou’s messages any more, he smoked half of the cigarette leaning against the wall. Then he got up and went to the underground parking lot to drive back home.

The housekeeper was making dessert. When she heard the door open, she ran out of the kitchen dressed in an apron. She had thought that it was Liang Doukou. Unexpectedly, it was Gu Yusheng. Feeling surprised, her expressions became a little stiff. She smiled and said with respect, “Mr. Gu.”

When Gu Yusheng had parked, he had deliberately looked at the garage and saw that Liang Doukou hadn’t returned yet, so hearing the housekeeper’s greeting, he didn’t even cast a glance at her, but dropped the car keys on the shelf and went directly upstairs.


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