Friday, 29 May 2020



Season 3

Episode 77

(You Are The Reason I Have A Good Temper (7)

Faking getting along? Why did Gu Yusheng’s woman need to live her life worrying about others’ opinions?

Gu Yusheng tried to suppress his anger and nodded at Zhou Jing without any change in facial expression. He said, “I got it,” before he left the restroom.

After Gu Yusheng had been gone for a long time, Zhou Jing still stood in front of the sink. She hadn’t left.

She stared at the mirror for a long time without blinking. She pulled some paper towels out after turning off the still running faucet. As she wiped her hand, she was thinking, “Gu Yusheng seems to have changed his views on Liang Doukou. He’s so different than before, like the difference between heaven and hell.”

He had used to ignore Liang Doukou, even when she was standing right in front of him. He had ignored her and treated her like she was as invisible as air.

Gu Yusheng had not only talked to her and cared about Liang Doukou’s movie shooting progression just now, but he had even looked unhappy when he heard Lin Yi was giving Liang Doukou trouble.

This all indicated that Gu Yusheng cared about Liang Doukou.

No, to be exact, Gu Yusheng cared about Qin Zhi’ai’s version of Liang Doukou.

Could Gu Yusheng have fallen in love with that negligible double body?

Gu Yusheng didn’t care about Liang Doukou. That was why they had even dared to find a double body for her. Things seemed to have developed unexpectedly.

If Gu Yusheng told Liang Doukou he loved her, Qin Zhi’ai wouldn’t give up this golden opportunity. If that happened, Liang Doukou would be taken advantage of. I tried so hard to promote Liang Doukou because Liang Doukou was related to Gu Yusheng, who had a high social status. If Liang Doukou lost her connection to Gu Yusheng, no one could guarantee her a successful career in the entertainment field. This is the best time for Liang Doukou to make money. As her agent, my interests are attached to hers. From this moment onward, I have to watch Qin Zhi’ai more closely. If she makes any mistakes, she could mean trouble between Liang Doukou and Gu Yusheng, Zhou Jing thought to herself.

Gu Yusheng’s good mood became bad after meeting Zhou Jing by accident.

After he went back to the party room, he lost interest in talking. He merely lit a cigarette and looked at the bright sunlight outside of the window as he took slow puffs.

Lu Bancheng and Wu Hao had been talking for a long time. Wu Hao had mentioned the main actor in “Tang Legacy” and told Lu Bancheng that Xu Wennuan liked him. He asked Lu Bancheng if he could take Xu Wennuan to visit the crew sometime.

Lu Bancheng agreed to Wu Hao’s request. Gu Yusheng stopped looking out of the window and asked Lu Bancheng, “Do you know Lin Yi?” He sounded a bit nervous.

“Yes, China Film wants to promote her as their best actress,” Lu Bancheng said.

Lu Bancheng wanted to give Gu Yusheng a more detailed description of Lin Yi, but Gu Yusheng stubbed his cigarette out in the ashtray and asked in a casual tone, “Can you cut her role in ‘Tang Legacy’?”

“Huh? Why do you want to cut her role out of the project? I heard she brought in big fund for the movie. Besides—”

“Cut her role. I don’t want to repeat myself,” Gu Yusheng said.

“Doesn’t Xiaokou already have a role in the movie? It’s not necessary to…” Lu Bancheng argued.

“I am going to take her out of the cast if you say one more word,” Gu Yusheng said.

Gu Yusheng stopped talking and lit another cigarette. He held the cigarette between his fingers as he looked out of window again.



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