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Season 3

Episode 66

(It Was Not Perfect, But The Only One (6)

In the middle of zipping up her bag, Qin Zhi’ai turned around to look at Gu Yusheng.

Staring at the light in front of him, the man didn’t turn to look at her. After a while, the wind started to blow, and even with the wind, his gentle tone entered her ears, “I’m sorry.”

Qin Zhi’ai had never expected that Gu Yusheng to say such words. Suddenly shocked, she stayed there and looked at Gu Yusheng silently for a long time.

Although Gu Yusheng didn’t look at her, he knew that she was watching him. He thought she hadn’t realized why he had said that. Silent for a few seconds, he turned to her and met her eyes. “Did you see what the housekeeper handed to you?”

Qin Zhi’ai froze there, not because she didn’t know what Gu Yusheng’s apology meant, but because she was shocked by his apology. When she heard his explanation, she immediately pulled herself together and nodded. “I saw it.”

“If you aren’t satisfied with the repairs on the necklace, you can tell me…” Gu Yusheng paused. Thinking that she might not want to go to him about it, he looked away from her face and added, “You can also tell Xiaowang.”

“No, it’s very good.” Qin Zhi’ai felt somewhat unsure of Gu Yusheng’s suddenly gentle behavior. She thought that Lu Bancheng had told her he had looked for the necklace the whole night and spent a lot of time and effort to repair it. Then she added in a soft voice, “Thank you.”

“Why are you saying thank you?” Gu Yusheng smiled slightly, “That’s just what I had to do.”

The necklace had been broken by him because he failed to control his temper that day… Opening his mouth slightly, Gu Yusheng said again, “I’m sorry.”

After he had broken the necklace that day, Qin Zhi’ai had been extremely angry, but when she saw him standing in the rain for such a long time and giving the necklace back to her, she already partially felt relieved.

When she heard him say “I’m sorry” twice, she felt a little embarrassed and said, “It doesn’t matter.”

In fact, she had also done wrong that day. Even though Jiayan knew that she pretended to be Liang Doukou, she shouldn’t have gone on a date with him in Liang Doukou’s appearance simply for convenience…

Soon, Liang Doukou would come back. Seriously speaking, she had been with him for so long, yet failed to get along with him well.

He has already apologized, and she had to take a step back. After all, in only fourteen days, she would leave him…

Holding the bag in her hand with a little smile, Qin Zhi’ai continued to speak to Gu Yusheng. “Moreover, something was going on that day. That boy was the younger brother of my friend, and I’ve always regarded him as a younger brother. I used to play with him, so I didn’t pay attention to it that day. I didn’t expect you to know about it…” Stopping her words, Qin Zhi’ai forced a smile. “That day, you were sure to feel embarrassed. It was no wonder that you were angry.”

“Not embarrassed…” After she finished her words, Gu Yusheng blurted those words out. When he realized what he had said, he stopped suddenly.

If it wasn’t because of embarrassment, then what was it?

Puzzled, Qin Zhi’ai said to Gu Yusheng, “Is that so?”

It wasn’t embarrassment, but jealousy… That day, he had been angry not because she was with other men and making him look bad, but because he had become crazy jealous.


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