Tuesday, 19 May 2020



Season 3

Episode 57

(Love is Willing to Break the Rules (7)

Qin Zhi’ai subconsciously looked up. She saw Gu Yusheng walking down from the front porch.

He didn’t respond to the housekeeper when she said goodbye to him. He merely searched for a cigarette in the package with his head down.

He held the cigarette between his lips, not noticing her in the yard until he took out a lighter to light the cigarette.

He paused for a second and shoved both the lighter and cigarette back into the package. He continued to walk with a casual air about him.

Qin Zhi’ai saw he had no intentions of stopping to greet her, so she slowed down her pace, continuing to walk forward casually.

They walked closer to each other. As they passed, he stopped. He frowned as he stared at the thin, short skirt she was wearing and suddenly said, “It’s already fall. Morning and evenings are cold. Why are you wearing so little to take a walk?”

Qin Zhi’ai stopped after she heard what Gu Yusheng said. She looked up to take a look at the housekeeper first and thought to herself that the housekeeper must have told Gu Yusheng that she went for a walk. She responded to Gu Yusheng calmly. She didn’t show any anger. “I’m fine.”

He fought with me at the amusement park. How could he talk to me like nothing happened when we met again? Qin Zhi’ai thought to herself. Whenever she thought about the broken necklace, she couldn’t pretend that nothing had happened.

Therefore, after responding to Gu Yusheng, she paused for a second before she continued to say, “I’m going inside.”

She walked by him into the house without waiting for his response.

It didn’t take her long to walk to the house. The housekeeper looked like she wanted to say something, but she stood there still and watched Gu Yusheng’s back as he stood frozen over there. She asked in a low pitch, “Miss?”

Qin Zhi’ai knew the housekeeper must have wanted to convince her not to treat Gu Yusheng like this. Before the housekeeper could say anything after calling her name, she hastily responded her, “I need use the restroom, so I’m going to run upstairs.” She passed the housekeeper and quickly changed her shoes to go inside.

He knew she had used this excuse to avoid him. She really did hate him for what had happened that night.

He stood there for a while and looked in the direction she disappeared. He looked like he was hesitant to do something and called the housekeeper after a while.

The housekeeper ran downstairs to him. “Mr. Gu, how can I help you?”

Gu Yusheng took a box out of his pocket. He looked down at it for a while, then passed it to the housekeeper. “Can you give this to her later?”

The housekeeper looked up at Gu Yusheng in surprise. She didn’t say anything, but Gu Yusheng knew she must be wondering why he hadn’t given it to her himself.

He didn’t explain, just put the box in the housekeeper’s hand. He turned around and walked to the front yard. He got in his car and instructed Xiaowang to drive, then they drove away.

He had been paying attention to her schedule for the past few days.

He knew she didn’t have a big role in the movie she had been shooting the previous few days. He could tell she was avoiding him to stay where the movie was shot.

He thought it would be fine as long as she was happy, so he let her do whatever she wanted. She hadn’t come home until that day. He had taken some time out of his tight schedule to come home.

He had wanted to give that box to her himself, but she hadn’t looked very happy to see him.



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