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Season 3

Episode 26

(Not His Wife (6)

The long distance flight had deprived her of good rest. When she woke up, she naturally felt a bit annoyed. Thus, she gave in to her temper while picking up the phone, but when she saw the caller’s name on the screen, her face became tense. She immediately answered, “Jiayan? Why are you calling me so suddenly? Did something happen at home?”

Jiayan, whose full name was Qin Jiayan, was Qin Zhi’ai’s brother, two years younger than her. Apart from herself, Liang Doukou, and Zhou Jing, he was the only one who knew that she was pretending to be Liang Doukou temporarily.

To avoid being discovered, she could only use her own phone occasionally while she was disguised as Liang Doukou. However, she was worried that something might happen at home, so she had given her brother Liang Doukou’s phone number. If anything urgent happened, he would still be able to contact her.

“Sister, don’t be so nervous. Home is good, mama’s fine too…” Qin Jiayan’s bright voice immediately sounded over the phone, “I called you because I’ve been here in Beijing for a university competition. I read the news several days ago, and I knew you were in France, so I didn’t contact you, but since you’re back now, I called you as soon as the competition finished.”

Hearing that, Qin Zhi’ai felt less anxious. With a gentle smile pulling at the corners of her mouth, she said, “Where are you now? I’ll go to your place.”

“I’m at S University right now…”

After hanging up, Qin Zhi’ai got up right away.

Qin Jiayan knew she sometimes posed as Liang Doukou, and he was now waiting for her. If she showed up with her own looks, she would have had to make him wait for a long time. Since she could only see him for a short time, Qin Zhi’ai simply touched up her makeup in front of the mirror, took out a pair of sunglasses and a mask, and set off dressed like Liang Doukou.

Qin Zhi’ai drove Liang Doukou’s car to S University, where she saw Qin Jiayan before she even arrived at the gate. Qin Jiayan was leaning against the wall and reading a book, a backpack on his back and earbuds in his ears.

He was so focused that he didn’t notice her parking her car in front of him.

Qin Jiayan didn’t lift up his head until Qin Zhi’ai beeped the horn.

This street was close to the gates of the university, and there were many students passing by. Qin Zhi’ai was afraid of being recognized as Liang Doukou, so she rolled down the window rapidly, called to him, then rolled up the window at once.

Qin Jiayan got into the car very quickly. While he was putting on his seat belt, he turned his head and looked at Qin Zhi’ai with a bright smile. “Sister…”

Before he finished his words, he saw her unfamiliar face that looked like another person. With shock apparent on his face, the smile pulling at his mouth disappeared in an instant.

Qin Zhi’ai saw he was sad after seeing her appearance. With a smile in her eyes, she pretended to be unaware of it and said in a relaxing tone, “Jiayan, what do you want to eat? I’ll take you to a fine restaurant and we’ll have a good meal.”

“Whatever.” Responded Qin Jiayan, head low.

“How about Peking Hotel? The dishes are delicate, and you’ve never gone there before… Also, I won’t be secretly photographed, for those who go there are all from notable families and great groups.”

This time, Qin Jiayan didn’t give any response.

Qin Zhi’ai started the car and drove directly to the Peking Hotel. About halfway there, Qin Jiayan suddenly said, “Sister.”

“Hmm?” responded Qin Zhi’ai carelessly, all her attention on the street.




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