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❤️(She's not my girlfriend but she's mine)❤

❤️Episode 40❤
(Season Finale)

Nora's POV❤

‘You're finally going back to school Nora,the school board has finally agreed for you to come back to Xavier high,well after some police intervention that is'...Hardin added...

I screamed for joy and jumped on his body hugging him tightly..(VISIT FEATHERS. COM. NG)

‘Thank you so so much Hardin,you're the best boy I've ever met'..I said as I cried on his shoulders..

‘Well if he's the best boy then what am I??'..Andrew asked feigning a slight frown..

‘You're the best of the best Andrew'..I replied and turned back to Hardin..

I can't believe the whole school went through all that trouble just for me...

Just for me..

I'm just a normal girl and the whole school and Police force stood up for me..

‘Thank you Elena,thank you Hardin,thank you Andrew,thank all of you for helping me'...I said and motioned for all of them to come over...

‘Ughh you're such a cry baby!!'..Andrew muttered and we laughed..(VISIT FEATHERS. COM. NG)

Diane's POV❤

The Next Morning🌞
‘No dad I'm not going to school!!!'..I screamed as he called my name from downstairs..

‘Why??'..he asked..

‘How do you expect me to face everyone there anyway?,when you allowed Nora back into school,tell me,how do you expect me to face everyone!!'..I lashed out at him...

I heard his footsteps and ran towards the door..

Before I could do anything else he opened the door and landed a hot slap on my face..

‘Diane Martina Russell,go tan your bath and get ready for school now or you'll be sent into the juvenile welfare center!!!'...

Ten Minutes Later
I wore a big red hoodie and some black boots while walking alone to school...

Some colleagues saw me and sneered but who gives a damn about them..

I don't care about anyone of them so I don't give a fuck..

‘Hey girls,how about cheer leading practice at my place today?'..I asked my squad and they walked off without answering my question...

‘Sorry Diane but you've been kicked out,Elena is our new leader now'...Sheila said and ran to meet the others..

No one wants to speak with me??..(VISIT FEATHERS. COM. NG)

My squad has kicked me out??..

Now I'm alone??..

Nora's POV❤

Andrew and I walked hand-in-hand as we got to the school building...

‘Are you ready to not only be my half girlfriend but my full girlfriend Nora Sherman??'..he asked..

‘I'll always be your half girlfriend no matter what Andrew Robinson'..I replied and he kissed me..

‘Let's go'..he said and we both walked in..

Everyone clapped and cheered as we walked down the hallway and Elena gave me a huge gift card...



‘Come on babe,the morning assembly is almost starting'...


🌈Season Two🌈
(Prom madness)

Commences later.....





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