Sunday, 31 May 2020



❤️(She's not my girlfriend but she's mine)❤

❤️Episode 39❤

Diane's POV❤

‘Daddy do something!!'..I screamed as the police started ramming the gate to open it...

‘i don't know what to do sweetheart,we have no other choice but to bid to their will'..he replied and I cried..

All this trouble for just that Puny Nora Sherman!!!..

This is unbelievable..

‘No Nora No school!!!!'..They chanted louder as the gate suddenly opened...

They all ran inside and started chanting louder and louder...(VISIT FEATHERS. COM. NG FOR MORE STORIES)

Oh God I can't take this anymore..

‘Okay guys!!'..Dad screamed and tried walk in forward but I held him back..

‘Dad what do you think you're doing?'..I asked sharply and he removed my hands...

‘I'm trying to do what's right so let me be!'..he replied...  (VISIT FEATHERS. COM. NG FOR MORE STORIES)

‘Okay fine,Nora Sherman can come back to school tomorrow if only you guys stop making so much noise!!!'..he said and everyone rejoiced..

Oh this is not over yet...

This isn't over..

Nora's POV❤

‘Andrew stop it!!!'..I cried out as he nibbled on my neck playfully..

We were both playing a game of checkers and he cheated so many times. .

‘Okay admit it'..he whispered and I giggled...

‘Fine fine fine,you win Andrew but only because I let you so get off me now!!'..I said and he kissed my cheek a little. .

Just few hours of being Andrew's girlfriend feels like a lifetime...

‘Andrew can I ask you a question?'..I said as I sat upright on the picnic mat...

‘What?!'..Andrew replied and brushed a little strand of hair off my face..

‘Well I'm wondering,you've never spoke about your parents before,I don't know your house or any of your siblings'..I added and he lowered his gaze..

‘I don't want to talk about it,not like I don't love you or anything but i don't want to talk about it'..he replied..

‘Oh'..I managed to say and snuggled closer to him about to take a nap not until Hardin ran in with Elena..

‘Nora!!!'..he screamed and panted softly..

‘Hardin what's wrong?!!'..I asked and he started smiling...

‘You can come back to school Nora,the school board has finally let you back!!'..he screamed..




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