Saturday, 30 May 2020



❤️(She's not my girlfriend but she's mine)❤

❤️Episode 38❤

Nora's POV❤

‘What?!!'..i screamed as Andrew showed me the video on his phone...

‘Yes Nora,the students are protesting for your comeback,like this is total injustice on my part and I think they think that too'...Andrew replied..

I can't believe this?!..

The same students who insulted me and backlashed me are the same ones fighting for me?!..

‘That's so sweet of them but they shouldn't skip class because of me?,I can move to a new school and start over there?'..i said..

‘No it's either Xavier high or nothing else'..he replied and i frowned..


‘Well because I don't want my baby being 35 miles away from me,you know I love you too much and yes I'm a jealous freak so I can't let you go to another school'..He explained and I laughed heartily..

‘You're a sicko Andrew but I don't think the school would have me back'..i said..

‘Just wait and see Nora Sherman,once Xavier students set their mind to something they always get it'...

Hardin's POV❤

‘Nora Sherman broke a rule guys and there's nothing i can do to remove her expulsion,it's not in my hands now but in the hands of the school board!!'..Principal Bradford screamed as the security guards locked the gate forcefully so as for us not to enter...

‘We want to see the school board!!'..Patricia screamed and i smiled...

Patricia was one of Nora's bully and now she's one of Nora's defender..

‘The school board will be with you shortly so stop the commotion or I'll be forced to call the cops on you guys!!!'..He added..

‘Come on guys,No Nora,No school!!!'..Elena chanted and we all joined her in the chant..

For about two hours we kept singing relentlessly until the cops arrived....

Some students backed away and some ran home but i stood my ground..

‘Good morning officers,as you can see we're all here for the injustice against Nora Sherman,a student who was expelled for a crime she didn't commit,the main culprit has been found but since the head of the school board is the culprit's father no action was taken against her and now they won't let her back in school so if i have to go to jail for what is right then cuff me'...i said bringing out two of my hands...

The officers were left speechless after my touching words and they withdrew their baton..

‘That is exactly what happened to my own daughter Selena Giaana and I won't let another girl suffer the same fate,come on guys let's break this gate open!!!'...




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