Saturday, 23 May 2020



❤️(She's not my girlfriend but she's mine)❤

❤️Episode 24❤

Andrew's POV cont'd❤

‘Are sure about that??'..Nora asked. 

I laughed heartily and carried her unexpectedly..

‘Andrew stop it!!!'She screamed playfully but I refused to put her down...

‘I'm not gonna put you down Nora Sherman,you have to make me'..i replied..

She tickled me and i laughed and then the next thing I knew we fell into a nearby pond...

‘I don't know what you both are doing Nora and Andrew but I want you guys to come back before 6am!!'..Principal Bradford screamed...

‘Okay sir'..I replied and they all left...

‘Shouldn't we follow them??'..Nora asked as she dipped her head inside the water..

She looked like a water goddess coming out from the water and my mind was blown away...

‘Uhhh Andrew I asked you a question?'..She said breaking me from my thoughts..

‘What was that?'. I asked totally clueless..

‘I said won't we join the others?'..she replied and I smirked..

‘No..let's stay here for a while,at least my half girlfriend should have fun with me'....

Diane's POV❤


Every plan I make to get them away from each other they're always closer...

They're even playing in the pond!!!..

‘Huh baby why don't we go for a swim with the others?'..Hardin said..

‘I don't want to'..I replied smugly..

‘Why??'..He asked and I winced at him.

‘You don't get it do you?,i said I don't want to go for a swim,are you that dumb?!!!'..I screamed and when I saw the look in his eyes I regretted my actions..

‘Huh Hardin I..'..I tried to say but he cut me short..

‘Don't say another word Diane,I think it's high time I give you a piece of my mind.Till today I'm still wondering how Andrew got to put up with your freaking attitude,you're always thinking about yourself,you're spiteful,you're dumb you're just the opposite of Nora Sherman and I can't take it anymore,IT'S OVER BETWEEN US!!!!!!'...




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