Monday, 4 May 2020


🎀 Forced marriage 💗

{Crazy couple}

💝Episode 46💘

 🚫 Jeremy 🚫

"Well done baby that was brilliant of you." Kim said impressed with what I did.

" They should be dead by now. Am sure the press will be all over the place. " I smirked playfully and kissed her lightly.

Well I was the one that sneaked into Jaylen's mansion and cut the brakes of the car.

Have been Into so many problems because of him.

I should be the one to be with sky not him. He doesn't deserve her at all.

I don't know why sky fail to see this.

I won't stop at nothing until I get what I want. Kim is just a puppet in my show.

I'll kill her once am done with her.

"What should we do about Mack?" She asked.

"His services is no longer needed. Tell the guys to terminate him." I said coldly.

"Okay baby We should celebrate to this." Kim said and raised up her glass of wine.

" A toast to success." I muttered as we click the glasses before Sipping from the wine.

"I love you so much Mack you're so smart." She said and kissed me.

I sneaked my arm around her waist and deepen the kiss.

She fondle with my hair as our tongues fought for dominance.

Like she knows how horny I'm at the moment.

I lifted her up and made her lay on the couch as I planted kisses all over her body.

I ripped off her gown and toss it across the room..

I took one of his tits roughly into my mouth as I suck him like a child Deprived of milk by his mom.

She moan crazily as I sneaked my fingers down to her wet honey pot.

I fingering it through the fabric. Damn she's so wet.

I pulled off my clothes and shoes before ripping off her pants too.

I turned her over and made her stand on her fours .

I slide a finger into her *sshole as I finger f*ck her *Ashole.

She moan like the b*tch she is.

I removed my finger and slide my joystick into her.

I thrust into her with so much tempo.

Spanked her big *ss repeatedly and smooched her tits.

"Oh yeah baby that's it. Harder." She said in a moan making me increase the tempo.

Her moans soon turned to screams as I almost damaged her *sshole.

I cummed all over her tits which she lick it up.




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