Monday, 4 May 2020


🎀 Forced marriage 💗

{Crazy couple}

💝Episode 45💘

❌ Jaylen ❌

I groaned in pain as  I managed to get outta the car.

My head was bleeding profusely. Skyler where Skyler.

I saw her laying down helplessly .

"Skyler!! Skyler !? Wake up." I called out in pain as I limped towards her.

She was laying down unconscious. 

I don't know how it happened but the brakes of my car failed automatically for the first time.

The car had fell off the bridge to the river side.

A huge glass had pierced my thigh and i was unable to move properly.

Had to gather all my strength and carried her up in bridal style.

She was badly injured.

I managed to carry to the roadside as I kept trying to stop any moving car. But they all didn't wanna stop.

Stay with me sky am gonna get you to safety soon.

I kept trying my luck till I good Samaritan stopped his car and helped me.

He drove us straight to the hospital as I held on to sky even though I was also badly injured.

All that matters to me is sky and my baby.

We arrived at her hospital as all the nurses rushed to our aid.

Sky was taken away from me even though I wanted to going with her but refused.

I was also taken to a ward. For treatment.

"Forget about me and take me to my wife!!!" I yelled at them with the little strength I had left..

My head hurts and at the same time I was feeling dizzy but I don't care if I bleed out. All I want is for sky to be saved.

"Calm sir the doctors are doing all they can to save mother and child." One of the nurses assured me.

" Don't tell me to calm down take me to my wife right now!!" I roared and got outta bed weakly.

Unable to walk properly. I fell down just close to the door.

 I tried standing up but I fell down again.

The only thing I could think of was Skyler.

I won't be able to forgive myself if anything happens to them.

This is all my fault. If I had not requested to take her out on a date all this won't have happened.

She would be save and sound at him.

I caused it all. I should be the one punished for all of this not her.

"Please sir you're not strong enough yet. your wife will be fine." The nurse called out to me but I still wasn't ready to listen.

" I need to see my wife." Was the only thing on my lips before I passed out.


  1. Enter your comment...Oh no don't worry she will be fine nd d baby

  2. Take it easy mr man . You know u have to stay strong for ur wife and baby



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