Saturday, 2 May 2020


💖Forced Marriage 💕

{😜Crazy Couples 😜}

💍Episode 41 💍

💚Jaylen's POV 💚

"But Skyler... "

"No! " She answered turning her back to me as she packed her hair up and crawled in bed. 

"You're selfish and inconsiderate and I'm not about to have this discussion with you. "

"But... "

"Good night! " She replied with a note of finality as she turned off the lights. 

I stared at her figure confused about what had just happened before finally deciding to go to bed. 

Okay so here's what happened... 

It's been three months since we discovered Skyler was pregnant. Our parents have all been informed and they're all happy 

So anyways, as all pregnant women, Skyler has been having these mood swings. 

One moment, she's happy, the next she's sad. Another moment, she's crazy Skyler, the next she's mad. 

Another thing is that she keeps refusing me s*x, her excuse being that it'll harm the baby 😒

I've tried convincing her otherwise but it always ends with her crying and saying that I don't care about her. All I care about is s*x which is not true. 

So what happened today was quite funny and confusing 😕❓

When I came back from work, I freshened up and came back to the room only to meet Skyler dressed in a s*xy negligee on our bed. Her dressing alone aroused me and I wasted no time before rushing to her and taking her in my arms. 

We did the necessary foreplay and just when the real fun was about to begin, Skyler pushed me off her and walked out of the room. I was so confused and kinda angry but I didn't say anything. 

We had dinner downstairs which was quiet and then it was off to bed. 

Once in bed, I tried making another advance since I was still turned on but she didn't let me. When I tried explaining my point, it ended in another argument. 

Now I'm even more confused. Is it the pregnancy that's causing this or something else? 

After all, s*x is advised during pregnancy to keep the mother fit or something like that... As a doctor, she should know that. 

Skyler can be quite confusing at times.



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