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Season 1

Episode 22

(Stop Her From Talking)

Wendy Ye and Simon Gu didn't come here for the meal. They looked at each other before Wendy said,"Charles, you and Yvonne have been married for several days..."

"Mother!" Autumn immediately raised her head and interrupted Wendy,"Look I made your favorite sweet and sour fish. Please have a bite."

"I..." Wendy frowned. She was clearly upset about being interrupted by Autumn. But Autumn did not seem to care about that at all.

"Charles and I should have visited you and father today. But Charles's grandfather has just arrived home and he is very tired. It's all my fault. I should have told you earlier..." Autumn took the blame upon herself. She described Wendy and Simon's visit as them "missing their daughter".

It suddenly dawned on Gary. "Oh, excuse my poor memory. Charles and Yvonne should have visited you today, instead of you coming here. I'm the one to blame."

"Mr. Lu, I didn't mean it that way. We are here to..." After hearing Autumn's words, Wendy did not know how to express her intention. Simon frowned and was about to say something.

With the help of chopsticks, Autumn put a rib into Simon's bowl,"Father, you said you miss my cooking. Please have some more."

Autumn knew that she wouldn't be able to stop them from talking. But she tried her best to prevent them from speaking out their intention in front of Charles' grandfather.

Charles incisively concluded that Simon and Wendy were not here to "visit their daughter". He went on and said,"Father, mother, it is forgetful of me. How about this? Tomorrow, Yvonne and I will visit you. I want to have a chat with father about the company affairs."

"Great! That is it, then!" Wendy was all smiles. "You and Yvonne can come in the morning. I will prepare lunch for the two of you."

"Okay." Charles answered. Autumn tried very hard, but failed to stop them from talking. But Charles easily managed to keep their mouths shut.

After the lunch, Simon and Wendy were about to leave as they were successful in doing what they wanted. Autumn was clearing away the bowls and chopsticks. Wendy said rather loudly while at the door,"Yvonne, we are leaving. Come here, I have something to tell you."

"Go Yvonne." Chris told Autumn that she would complete the chores.

Autumn then put the bowls down onto the table and walked towards Wendy. Wendy held Autumn's arm in a friendly way and said,"Let's go."

They walked out of the house. When no one was watching, Autumn shook off Wendy's hand and asked in a rather cold tone,"Wendy Ye, you can have what you want tomorrow. Anything else?"

"You are my daughter. Can't we just have a chat?" Wendy sneered. Hardly had her words faded, Autumn laughed scornfully,"There's nobody else here. Stop acting like a good mother! Don't mince your words, just talk straight."

"Charles is a nice man, and treats you nicely too. Are you in love with him?" Wendy asked in an envious way. "I'm warning you, Charles is Yvonne's husband. Don't hatch any conspiracies..."

"Don't worry!" Impatient, Autumn interrupted Wendy,"I don't like Charles at all! I wish Yvonne Gu would come back as early as possible, so that I can return this position t

o her."

Even if Yvonne Gu was back, Charles would not love her as he loved Rachel.

"You surely know your place!" Wendy nodded in agreement. She was satisfied with the reply. "When Simon mentions his company in front of Charles, remember to help him. Do you get that?"

Autumn thought for a while before she said,"I can help Uncle Simon, but... I need to see my grandmother first."

Wendy panicked when Autumn mentioned her grandmother, but she was quick to hide it. She said to Autumn,"Be rest assured. As long as Simon's company pulls through, you can take your grandmother along, and live with her."

"Okay, that's a deal." Autumn left, without even looking back.

Wendy left Lu's House. On the way back home, the more she thought about this visit, the angrier she felt. She turned to Simon and asked,"Simon, rumor has it that Charles is a playboy. But I don't feel that way."

"So you finally know it!" Simon sneered,"I told you, keep an eye on Yvonne before wedding. I won't harm my own daughter! You knew she wanted to flee from the wedding, and you let her go. Yvonne always has been a spoiled and pampered child, all thanks to you."

"What?!" Wendy exclaimed. She put the blame on Simon and said,"You already know that Charles is not a playboy. Why didn't you tell me?"

"I did remind you about that." Simon frowned and said,"I told you, keep a close watch on Yvonne. You should have listened to me."

"It's all your fault!" Wendy burst out at Simon,"If you told me earlier that Charles is not a playboy, I wouldn't have let Yvonne go with that poor man. Autumn Ye is so lucky to marry Charles."

Charles was handsome, and was nice to Autumn. Just thinking about it gave Wendy a headache. Just at the moment, Yvonne called her and said,"Mom, I've run out of money. Give me some money now."

"What? So soon? I remember giving money to you not long ago."

"That's like chicken feed. It's nothing compared to what I need." Yvonne mumbled unhappily,"I need a lot of money to live outside. Stop talking nonsense. Give me the money now."

"Wait..." Wendy suddenly had an idea. Since Charles was completely different from the one described by the media, the reason that Yvonne was not willing to marry him didn't exist anymore. Wendy couldn't bear watching Autumn Ye marrying such a good man. So she offered,"I can give you the money, as long as you come home to have lunch tomorrow."

"No, I'm not coming home." Yvonne was travelling with her boyfriend during those days. Although she was the one who paid the bills, she felt more free, than living at home. "Mom, just give me the money quickly."

"I said, as long as you are back, I'll give you the money. Otherwise, I won't give you a single penny." Saying that, Wendy hung up the phone. She believed Yvonne would come back tomorrow again, asking for money.

"What are you doing?" Simon frowned and said,"Charles is coming tomorrow. What if he finds out about Yvonne and Autumn's true identities?"

"Don't bother. I have an idea." Wendy gave him a mysterious, sly smile.

The next morning, Yvonne knocked at Wendy's bedroom door and said,"Mom, see I am back. Give me the money now."



  1. Your daughter lack training. Sorry for your life because you will really regret misleading her



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