Saturday, 30 May 2020


🌼🌼Crazy Anna🌼🌼

🌼(When a nurse falls in love)🌼

🌼Episode 37🌼

Anna removed the documents from the file bag and it both contained a flash drive and a letter...

She opened the letter first and it read thus;



I've predicted the time of my death and when you get to read this I'll be dead already.There is a flash drive and some documents which I've left with you and I hope you protect it with your life for only you can save my husband's legacy and company.
      My brother in law,Arnold Sica is responsible for what's happening to me or should I say what happened to me and you have to stop him from achieving his goal Anna,there are some wars you're going to fight and I say that you should be totally ready...
     Go to Lawyer Victor,He's the only one who can help you and his address is in the flash drive.
   Make sure no one gets his or her hands on this Anna,I totally trust you...


Anna closed the letter in tears and plugged in the flash drive into her laptop...

She clicked on an icon and then a video was played...

‘Oh my God!!!'..Anna cried out softly as she covered her hands with her mouth...

In the video,Edward was seen putting the some substance into Mrs Sica's tea and it was the same red vial that got him into trouble...

No wonder she saw it near the bar area..

‘Now I've got to go see Lawyer Victor'..She murmured as she straightened her hair and cleaned her eyes...

She carried her bag and then dropped some papers inside her drawer and a different colored flash drive inside before leaving finally...

And then Edward came inside the room..


  1. God please protect Anna in this battle

    1. I pray so
      Aw 'bout u drop me some mails about you via



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