Thursday, 28 May 2020


🌼🌼Crazy Anna🌼🌼

🌼(When a nurse falls in love)🌼

🌼Episode 34🌼

Anna stared and stared at the bottle and then it dawned on her that she totally forgot about the poison that was in it...

‘Oh yeah I remembered that i found the bottle near the kitchen last week,I wanted to show it to you Jake but i forgot'..She said..

‘Okay Nurse Anna we're going to take this to the lab to know what's in it and we'll get back to you okay??'..The detective said and she nodded...

The officers left and Conchita made a whistling sound while looking at the already trembling Edward...

‘I'm glad that's over,to you post now guys'...Jake said..

Everyone left and as Anna wanted to leave too Jake stopped her...

‘Where do you think you're going??'..He asked...

‘W..well you said we should go to our duty post boys,so I'm off'..Anna replied..

‘Your duty post is with me Crazy nurse Anna now come here cause I'm not done with you yet!!'..He added and grabbed Anna by the waist kissing her hungrily...

‘You're insatiable'..Anna sighed..


‘Yes baby give it to me!!!'..Clarice screamed as Jordan pumped into her special area...

‘I'm giving it to you Clarice now hold still cause I'm about to release the kraken!!'..He screamed and in a minute it was over as Jordan finally released....

They both breathed heavily as the frenzy of the joy ride they had together was still in their dirty minds..

‘Who knew that you were such a better machine than your brother Jordan'..Clarice commended and he laughed....

‘yeah I Know Clarice but now I need your help'..


It was exactly seven o'clock on the dot and Anna was busy combing her hair in Jake's room..

Jake was making some important phone calls and tapping away on his laptop...

‘There's something I've got to tell you Jake'..She spoke up..

‘Uh uh I'm listening'..Jake replied..

‘Well I....

She was cut short when Conchita ran into the room screaming...

‘The cops are here Anna and they're looking for you!!!'...



  1. Now it's really turning into a tragic scene , I hope she can make use of her alibi atleast she was the first to know what the content of the bottle was

  2. Omg which kind of problem is this

  3. O my Anna you're really in big trouble

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  5. That's impossible cause she as being poisoned for a long time before Anna came



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