Tuesday, 5 May 2020


💝 Beautiful Tomorrow 💝

{ Eternal love}

💘 Episode 48💘

🚫 Aiden🚫

We entered the car and drove off to my house..

She kept pestering me in the car.

"So tell me how your day went dear." I asked.

" My day was kinda stressful but am fine what about you? "

" It was cool though. I went to JoJo's in morning and met the guys where had fun gaming. Right after I left for the agency as girls were all over me. " I smirked to get her even jealous.

" Oh really?" She furrowed her brows.

"Yes miss one particular one asked for a autograph on her b**bs." I added.

Her nose bridge became red with jealousy.

She looked away and faced the windshield.

"My baby is jealous, my baby is jealous. Come on baby look at me." I touched her chin with my hand while the other one was on the steering.

She jerked off my hand from her face.

"Come on baby don't be like this. I was just kidding okay? " 

She looked at with a straight face and looked away.

"Am serious baby. I just wanted to get on your nerves am sorry okay? " 

" Apology not accepted. "She pouts cutely making me smile.

I drove into my mansion as the gates opened automatically.

"Welcome to my humble abode." I announced. 

She looked around and smiled. 

",It's beautiful and I love it." She beamed.

"Let's go in dear." I led her into the house.

"Make yourself comfortable. "I gesture her to the couch and left for the kitchen.

I wanted getting her something to take only for her to walk into the kitchen.

"Wow babe you should go and relax, I'll just quickly prepare something for you love. " I said but she objected .

She sneaked her tiny hands around my waist and kissed my lips.

"Am sorry babe but I can't let you do anything for me. I'll definitely cook for you. "  She said Calmly.

" But you're tired... Please get some rest while I make you tea. " He try to make her understand but she's adamant about cooking..

" No worries dear am fine. You can seat over there and watch me cook okay? I love you. " She peeked my lips one more time.

Am so glad to have someone like her in my life.




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