Monday, 4 May 2020


💝 Beautiful Tomorrow 💝

{ Eternal love}

💘 Episode 45💘

💐 Porsha's POV 💐

I rushed upstairs to my room hapily as I jumped on my bed and did my victory dance.

I still can't believe Mom had approved of my relationship with Aiden.

Gush am so happy super super excited.

I was about calling Aiden when his call came in immediately.

I picked up hapily.

📞Hey babe. " His deep sexy voice came up.

📞 Guess! guess!! guess!!! " I squeak.

📞Wow CAlm down my love and tell me everything. Am not good at guessing. " He chuckled softly.

📞Mom has finally gave her consent to our relationship." I broke the news.

📞Omg this is good news now I can come and see her right? " He asked.

📞 Yes! Am so happy Aiden." He giggled.

📞Come on butter cup you have had enough excitement for one day . You should go take a shower and go to bed. " He said with concern.

📞 I'll do that later I just wanna talk to you all night. " I whinned like a child and rolled over my bed.

📞 I also want that baby but your health is more important. I love you okay? " He cooed.

📞I love you even more." I said happily.

📞Now go to bed princess am gonna pick up tomorrow after work okay ? Bye love sweet dreams baby. " He said and blow me an invisible kiss.

📞 Okay bye nightie night dear . " I said and hang up.

I hugged my phone against my chest hapily.

Gosh I need to speak to Kelly haven't seen him all day.

I better take a shower first before going to check on him.

I dropped my phone and went straight to bathroom after which I took a warm bath.

I wore my nighties and applied my face mask to make my face look even smoother.

I walk away from my room and headed straight to Kelly's room.

I got to his door step and knocked softly.

"Kelly?" I mumbled.

He didn't respond. Maybe he's not home.
I wanted to walk away when I heard chattering in the room like someone broke.

Oh no Kelly. I forcefully opened the door and walked into the almost messed up room.

He sat at the edge of the room. I rushed to his side.

"Kelly ? Are you okay ? What happened to your room." I asked with concern.

Gosh he's drunk.

" Hey sis It's you. She left me because I don't have time for her. She thinks am cheating on her. " He said in a drunken state.

Oh no he's heart broken.

I pulled him into a hug immediately.

"It's okay Kelly am here now." I whisper audibly and kissed his forehead.

Have never seen my brother so vulnerable before.

He fell asleep on my arms. Had to take him to the bed and cleaned up his mess before heading to my room sad.

With this state Kelly is am so scared right now. 

I'll have to pay Miranda a visit. She needs to pay for playing with his emotions.



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