Sunday, 3 May 2020


💝 Beautiful Tomorrow 💝

{ Eternal love}

💘 Episode 43💘

🎀 Porsha's POV 💗

Aiden took me to Tiffany's for our first date as couples.

We kept talking about alot of things gosh this is amazing.

" How's your mom gonna react about our relationship!?" He asked all of a sudden.

I remember I once told him mum never wanted me to date anyone.

"Well she got to know earlier today and Trust me when I say she was furious. " I said and giggled.

" Ouch maybe I should go talk to her who knows she might reconsider. " He reasoned.

" No no I know my mom going to meet her will only complicate things." I said.

" Hmm okay dear your wish is my command. How about we go get some ice creams." He announced.

" Great!!! I love ice cream!! " I squeak.

" Come with me princess. " He stretched out his hand and I took it.

He led me to the ice cream shop not far away and got ourselves ice creams.

"Hmmm tasty." He moaned.

"I told you they make the best ice creams here." I mumbled.

" Exactly babe. " He responded.

" Come on Aiden let's go to the park I miss having fun. ", I whinned as I pulled him up.

He giggled and ran after me.

We got into the car and drove off to the trouble maker park which is just few streets away.

"Am going on the Springer first." I clapped hapily.

" Am coming too. " He smiled and got two tickets for both of us.

We got on the ride as it took us so high and it was so great.

"Yay!!!" I giggled and jump on Aiden who was obviously exhausted.

"Having fun!??" He peeked my cheek.

"Yeah totally thanks dear. I wanna go on the roller coaster. "I planted kisses all over his face.

" Alright alright alright my lady." He surrendered and led me to the ride.

We kept having fun till I decided to get on the last ride which was more dangerous than the rest.

"But baby the juggler is the most dangerous ride are you sure you wanna do this? " Aiden asked.

" Yes yes!! Yes!! " Okay buttercup quit whining. Promise me that after this one you won't go on any other ride again. " He furrowed his brows.

" I promise please!!! I really can't wait to try the juggler. " I squeak excitedly as I did my victory dance.

"Very well then." He said and led me to the ride.

He decided to ride with me.

Gosh juggler is the bomb.

"That was awesome!!" I sat down trying to catch my breath.

"That's enough now princess let's go home." He said Calmly and led me to the car.

" Thanks so much I really had fun." I said appreciatively.

"It's nothing am glad I was able to put a smile on your face." He placed his hand on  my palm .

He drove me home. I wish mom could just accept it and let us be.

"I wish we could be together all day." He said and kissed me lightly.

" Same here but that can't happen untill Mom approve our relationship." I reminded him.

" Take care of yourself dear bye." He peeked my forehead and opened the door for me.

"Bye Aiden." I waved as he drove away.



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