Saturday, 2 May 2020


💝 Beautiful Tomorrow 💝

{ Eternal love}

💘 Episode 42💘

💐 Porsha's Mom POV 💐

Argh!!! I groaned angrily and smashed one of the most expensive vase in room.

This can't be happening. .my plans if about to break down.

I need to act fast else it's game over...

The lawyer had gotten the files across to me .

Getting it signed by porsha. Am so gonna make them suffer'so much that they wish for death to come take them.

Porsha will pay dearly for be laying her filthy hands on my precious daughter..

I left the papers on my bed and went outta my room only to bump into Kelly.

"What's wrong with you Kel." I growled 

"Ermm am sorry mom it was a mistake I was actually busy with phone . I didn't see you" he said apologetically.

I glare hard at him before walking away.

🚫 Kelly POV 👌

Mom is definitely up to something fishy.

Maybe I was right all along. She's up to something.

Whatever she's up to am gonna find out.

I know she and Rosa are seriously planning something but I promise it won't work.

I had promised Dad to look after porsha and that's what am doing.

I went straight to my room and slumped on my bed tiredly.

My phone buzzing sound disrupted my thoughts.

It was my girlfriend Miranda.

📞 Hello baby." I smiled.

📞 Don't baby me Kel you left me for days just to be with your girlfriend.," She said I could tell she was still angry.

📞Come on babe don't be like that. I was kinda busy with work." I explained.

 📞 Always busy with work and you barely have time for me." She nagged even more.

📞 Seriously Miranda when will you stop all this noise, you don't trust me at all complain about little things. Am seriously fed up." I lashed out.

📞I know she's they with you stop acting like you care kel. You know what am tired of this hell hole called a relationship. Am done kel" she broke up with me on the phone.

📞 Please don't do this Mira trust me I love you only...," I pleaded but turns out her mind is made up already.

📞Good bye kel and have a wonderful Life ahead. I hope you find what you're looking for." She said and hang up.

Gosh this is faustrating. Who breaks up with their boyfriend over the phone?




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