Tuesday, 5 May 2020


💯 Bad Girl In Love 💯

{ in love with my enemy's son}

Episode 48

💛 Talia Perez 💜

"Crazy cheat I'll kill you!!!" I yelled and chased after Ian who in turn made me run around the room.

"Catch me if you can baby." He made fun of me.

We were actually playing a game and he cheated several times can you imagine?

"Okay stop stop am so tired.", I said breathlessly and collapse on the bed.

Ian gave me a glass of water. I gulp down everything.

"it's getting late babe  let's go to bed. " I said Calmly.

We cuddled up in each other's arms as I placed my head on his bare chest drawing lines on his chest....

"You know I used to hate so much. I let my quest for vengeance blinded my thoughts. Who knew I was gonna fall in love with you. " I smiled to myself....

" I know how it feels to be hurt by someone but revenge is never the answer. You might loose so many things because of it. " He explained.

I peeked his bare chest hapily ...

" Yeah I know I learned from you. More reasons why I can't ever stop loving you. " I beamed.

" I would die if I woke today and don't see you." He added.

"Am not going anywhere dear am ri...

I couldn't finish my sentence as I instantly felt naseous.

I ran outta bed and went straight to the bathroom and puked really hard.

Have been holding it off thinking it's a normal stomach pain.

"Baby are you okay?" Ian ask as he Rocked my back.

I throw up so many times before I stopped. To be honest I don't really know what's wrong me this days.

"Relax baby let me get you something that'll help.

I nodded and laid down Fe worn out and weary already.

Oh is it that am pregnant?




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