Monday, 4 May 2020


💯 Bad Girl In Love 💯

{ in love with my enemy's son}

Episode 46

❌ Davis ❌

This is why I don't wanna tell about this cause I know she's gonna get all emotional about it.

"Mom please he's not worth your tears at all." I made her understand.

" Am not crying because he's Dead am crying because all my life have lived by his rules and fell in love with him blindly. " She sobbed.

" It's okay ma'am please don't cry. "Lia said and hugged mom comfortably.

" Thanks so much my child . Thanks to you we finally got to know who alecjandro Cortez was .. " she muttered still holding on to Lia.

" Mom we should go now and leave you to yourself you gonna be fine mom." I said and kiss her forehead before walking away with Lia.

" Baby ?" She called.

"Yes love." I answered as we went back to our room.

"Mom is gonna be fine right?" She asked...

"Yes my love she'll be fine I know my mom she's so strong just like you. " He smiled and pinch my nose playfully.

💝 Talia Perez 💜

We got our room and locked ourselves in..

I stood by the mirror trying to get my earrings off when I felt his cold hands on my body...

His hot breath fanned my skin sending cold chills down my body.

He planted soft kisses on my shoulder as I closed my eyes and enjoy it.

"Mind if I help you?." He whispered into my ear and bit my ear lobe...

I closed my eyes as I enjoyed what he was doing to me...

I turned slowly and crashed my lips on his  as kissed tenderly but no too fast...

He led me to the bed not breaking kiss and lay me down carefully.

He pressed soft kisses all over my body.

He pulled off my shirt revealing my tits.

My n*bles had become harden.

He brought out one of them and took them into his mouth sucking em pretty good...

I fondle with his hair as he did that...

He gave equal rights to the two of them .

He brought his lips back to mine as we kissed passionately..

I encircled my long spotless legs around his torso..

Slowly I helped him take off his shirt revealing his harden chest..

He removed my skirt and my pants too.

He bent over and Inserted a finger into my honey pot.

I closed my eyes as a moan escaped my lips.

He finger f*cked me at the same time sucking me.

Gosh the pleasure was too much as my walls tighten.

He stopped immediately and brought out his joystick and Inserted it into my already wet honey pot.

Thrusting in and outta me not too slow and not to fast.

We made love.




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