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Season 2

Episode 61

(Am I wrong?)

After leaving the building of the Gu Consortium, Rose looked for a hotel to stay in. At this point, the most important thing for her was to stay away from Jack and protect her unborn child.    

However, when she was about to walk into a hotel, an Aston Martin car appeared out of nowhere and pulled up beside her.    

Rose recognized the car at a glance, it was Jack's. She turned pale with horror and started to run.    

Jack got out of the car, slamming the door like a madman, then he lengthened his stride to catch up with her. He was able to grab her by the arm in no time as she moved with much difficult because of her big belly.  

"You have done an astounding feat. Even under heavy security, you were still able to run out. Rose, you are fucking great." said Jack slowly, but with such rage.    

Rose struggled, but could not get out of his grasp. She yelled in pain,"Let me go! Let me go, Jack!"    

"What did you do? Who did you meet?" asked Jack, with a malicious insidious expression in his eyes.    

Rose shook her head with fear, and answered,"Nothing, nobody! I didn't meet anyone!"  

But Jack didn't believe her. He pinched her chin hard with one hand, as he asked in a vicious tone,"Tell me the truth. You went to see Emily, didn't you?"    

Rose was breathing heavily, feeling like her chin was going to be crushed. She had a hard time spitting out her reply,"No… I didn't…"    

It wasn't until Jack slowly released her chin that she was able to reply in full. "I… I never met Emily at all. You know how much she hates me. How could I go see her?"    

Her reply was reasonable enough. Jack pondered for a moment and decided to believe her, at least for the time being. He asked,"So, you tried to meet her? Did you think that she would help you?"  

Rose clenched her jaw to suppress her hatred for Emily. If Rose had a choice, she would never beg Emily.    
"You should be glad that you didn't see her, otherwise..." Jack didn't have to finish this sentence. But, Rose felt an overwhelming sense of danger judging from his voice and the expression on his face. She couldn't help shivering at the thought. She was so scared that she didn't feel herself bite her lips so hard and blood oozed out of the wound.    

"Since you love running so much, let's return to the villa and get rid of that thing in your belly. That child cannot live,"  Jack said cruelly. No matter how hard Rose struggled, Jack pushed her straight into the car, locked the door and drove away to his villa.  

Sitting in the car, Rose felt so scared that she couldn't help but cry,"Jack, don't do this. This is your child. I know that you hate me to the core, but this child is innocent! As the father, how can you have the heart to murder your own child?"    

Jack looked away from Rose. He sneered with a cynical look on his face. "Although you are trying to sound like a good mother, I know you are not. This unborn child is just your ticket to marry into the Gu clan. For the child, it's better to never be born than to be used by his mother for her own selfish desires."  

No matter how reluctant Rose was, she had no choice but to be taken back to the villa.    

Back at the villa, a professional medical team was waiting for Rose. All the necessary medical equipment had been installed, and even a professional operating room had been set up.    

"Don't worry. These doctors are top-notch. You won't die." In any case, Jack wouldn't kill Rose. That was her consolation. He just wanted to make sure that the child she was carrying was never born.  

"Let me go!" Rose screamed and tried to run away, but Jack pushed her forward. The doctors immediately caught her and immediately gave her an injection to the neck.    

It was an anesthetic. Almost immediately Rose fell unconscious and was wheeled into the operating room.    

Meanwhile, Emily and Jacob had just finished their meal. This matter with Rose should not be delayed, so they intended to find Rose and make it clear.    

However, after Emily and Rose had a serious falling out, they both blocked each other on their phones, making them unable to contact each other.  

Jacob asked Sam to look into what had happened to Rose, then found out that Rose was living in a villa owned by Jack.    

Without delay, Jacob got in his car and drove straight towards Jack's villa without any hesitation.    

The villa was located in a remote area. Emily wondered why Jack would keep Rose in such a sparsely populated place instead of the Theodore Villa. Perhaps, he preferred to keep his partner in a love nest like this.    

As their car approached the villa, Emily looked around carefully, and suddenly whispered,"Stop! Jacob, stop the car!"  

Jacob slammed his foot on the brakes the moment Emily finished her words. He looked at Emily and asked,"What's wrong?"    

"Somebody is guarding the villa." Emily reminded him.    

Jacob's eyesight was better than Emily's. He certainly knew that there were some people guarding the villa, but he was confident that nobody would dare stop him.    

Emily, seeing that he didn't understand what she meant, reached out a hand and poked him on the forehead, as she said,"Idiot! if we go right through the front gate, the guard will inform Jack. Then all of this would be for nothing. 

Besides, the villa is so well guarded that almost no one can enter it. They must be hiding something inside!"  

Jacob caught her hands and asked,"What did you just call me? Did you just call me an idiot?"    

Jacob's reaction pleased Emily. She still remembered when he used to call her an idiot, so she was happy that she could now give him a taste of his own medicine.   

However, Emily didn't show it. She blinked with an innocent look and said,"Did I? I never said that you were an idiot. You must have misheard me."    

There was a triumphant note in her sweet voice. Jacob suddenly unbuckled his seat belt, leaning over, and bit her on the face.  

"Ow! What the hell!" Surprised, Emily jumped back, with her hands on her cheek. "Don't bite me. You're not a dog!" She cried.    

Jacob lifted up a hand to caress that side of her face, with his calloused fingertip touching the bite marks that he had made. He said in a low voice,"If you still tease me like that…"    

"Yeah? What will you do?" Emily challenged.    

"I'll spank you here." Jacob answered quickly pointing to her buttocks.    

Emily was shaken by Jacob's words. She recalled how shameful and embarrassing it was when she was once spanked on the bottom by Jacob. It was too humiliating for her to look back, as if she still felt the pain down there. After a few seconds, she said with wide eyes,"You must be kidding."  

Jacob looked at her and said in a teasing tone,"I just thought you would want to try again. It's quite exciting here. If Jack is home, he will watch you crying and begging for my mercy. Certainly, if you want to screw with me, I will be more than glad to…"    

Animal! What a freaking animal Jacob was!    

"That's enough!" Emily interrupted Jacob. "I was wrong. Now I see that I was wrong. Don't say anything more, okay?" Emily's assertiveness suddenly disappeared. She looked at Jacob with a loving expression, trying to please him. However, in her heart, Emily felt aggrieved. He shouldn't blame her because whoever was treated like that would have lasting unpleasant memories.  

Jacob fixed his eyes on Emily's face and said with an expectant expression,"Since you admitted that you were wrong, how would you apologize to me?"    

"Apologize to you?" After thinking for a short moment, Emily finally came to understand what Jacob meant. She took the initiative to kiss him on the cheek.  

However, Jacob wasn't satisfied with just a light peck. "That's not enough."    

After saying that, Jacob lowered his head to kiss her pink lips, but to his surprise, he kissed a soft, warm palm instead.    

Emily clapped a hand over his mouth and pushed his face away, with a serious expression. "Stop it!"    
'You're the one who started this game with me, now you want to stop it. Naive girl! I never lose a game.' thought Jacob.    

Jacob couldn't help but laugh. He tried again. Holding her hands, he lowered his head and kissed her. It was a passionate kiss which melted her body and tickled her heart.  

"Stop! We have business to do…" she gasped. Emily twisted round in Jacob's arms, trying to dodge his kiss, but it had exactly the opposite effect. Jacob's lust for her grew with her every movement, her soft skin rubbing into the tight, hard parts of his body.    

"Stop moving." Jacob's eyes reddened with desire. Why did they have to come here? This was just a waste of time, trying to find Rose who was a disgusting woman anyway… However, since he promised her, he wouldn't go back on his words.  

As soon as Jacob loosened his grip on Emily, she opened the door and slipped out. Then she turned around to say,"I'll wait for you outside."    

When Jacob tidied up his clothes and walked out, Emily pulled him down to a crouch at once. She said in a low voice,"Get down, or someone will see you!"    

Jacob couldn't help rolling his eyes at her, as he asked,"Emily, are you a burglar? Or a Navy Seal maybe?"    He was puzzled by Emily's sneaky behavior, wondering who had taught her those things without his knowledge.  




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