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Season 2

Episode 59

(A new conspiracy)

After Jack left, he sent some people over to guard the villa where Rose was staying in. He banned Rose from leaving the villa, as she instructed the guards to enforce his orders.    

However, the next afternoon, Rose somehow sneaked out of the villa and took a taxi to the Gu Consortium.    

Rose was hoping to find Emily in her office. She knew that Jack had made up his mind about getting her an abortion, and only Emily could save her from his treachery.  

Unfortunately, when Rose reached the gates of the Gu Consortium, the security guards refused to let her in. Even when she showed them her identity, it was in vain. Anxious, Rose started to imagine the worst. If she stayed out too long, eventually the guards would find out that she had escaped and report her to Jack. On the other hand, the thought of running into Jack in the company was also unimaginably terrifying for her.    

Rose was still secretly waiting outside the building of the Gu Consortium, because she didn't know that Emily had returned to the LA Company. Fortunately, as fortune favoured the bold, LA Company moved to next this building a few days ago, so when Emily came out of the building to buy coffee, she immediately noticed Rose with just one glance.  

Although, Emily hated Rose, and she found Rose's presence repulsive, she was already better at controlling her emotions around her.    

Emily assumed that Rose was going to the Gu Consortium to find Jack, so she ignored her, as she pretended not to see Rose. 

However, before long, Emily heard Rose's voice ringing from behind. 

"Wait a minute!   Emily!" Don't leave yet,"  Rose pleaded.    

'Did Rose come to see me?' thought Emily.  

In any case, Emily had no interest in quarrelling with Rose, as she had a lot of work to do back at the LA Company. Hoping to avoid her, Emily quickened her steps and pretended not to hear Rose.    

Rose's anxiousness increased as she watched Emily go farther and father away from her. With a big stomach, she rushed towards Emily, panting, and said,"Please stop! Wait for me!"    

As much as Emily hated her, she couldn't bear to see a pregnant woman suffering, so she stopped, albeit reluctantly, and asked,"Rose, what the hell do you want from me? If you want to waste my time by arguing or gloating about your wedding with Jack, I'm sorry, but I am not interested. I'm very busy right now and I don't have any time to spare on you.  

"Gloat? Do you think I have the right to gloat now?" asked Rose, as she put on a piteous smile on her face, full of bitterness.    

Puzzled, Emily was not used to seeing Rose in desperation. Emily's face grew serious as she asked,"What are you really here for?"    

'Rose should be at home, resting and nurturing her unborn child. The happiness of marrying into the Gu clan should be enough to keep her busy. Why is she running to me? Or, perhaps she is brewing a new plot against me.'    

Emily grew cautious at the thought of that. Immediately, she took a few steps back and kept her distance from Rose, as it wouldn't be the first time Rose had done something dubious to her. 'If she falls down in public and tells other people that I pushed her, no one would believe me, even if it wasn't true, ' thought Emily.  

As soon as Rose notice Emily's lack of confidence in her, she fell to her knees and pleaded,"Emily, I know that I have wronged you, for that I am eternally sorry. But today I am here to beg you for help. If not for me, then for my baby's sake, please forgive me..."    

Baffled, Emily's eyes widened with disbelief. She quickly walked to Rose's side to avoid standing in front of Rose, while she asked,"What are you trying to do?"  

Emily figured that with Rose's innate competitive personality, she was incapable of feeling remorse from the bottom of her heart. Doubtful as ever, Emily just could not believe that Rose's apology did not come with any ulterior motives.    

Rose begged fervently. "Emily, I beg you. Please save me; save my child..." she implored.    

"Your child has nothing to do with me. You should go to find Jack,"  said Emily, as she gave Rose the cold shoulder, and then turned around to leave.    

Rose quickly crawled to Emily and held onto her legs tightly. "Emily, please don't go! Listen to me!" she begged again.  

"Let go of me!" Confused, Emily was starting to get really anxious, but she dared not struggle too hard in fear of accidentally kicking Rose's belly.    

"No!" Rose persisted, refusing to let her go, as her voice became harsh and hoarse. She roared,"Please, just this one time! Help me! Help me this time…"    

Emily was just glad that there were no people around to witness Rose's horrible excuse for a drama. If someone had seen Rose, a pregnant woman, begging to her knees, they would condemn Emily for abusing a pregnant woman.  

"Stand up first! Otherwise, I won't help you!" asserted Emily.    

Rose stood up with Emily's help as soon as she heard those words. After all, the floor was cold and in no way a suitable place for a pregnant woman to be in. Evidently, Rose was just being overly dramatic to arouse Emily's sympathy.    

Rose's actions were parallel to an old saying - 'A man among men is he who knows when to eat a humble pie and when to hold his head high'.    

Rose peeked at Emily, who was wearing a light brown windbreaker, with a simple shirt inside and a platinum watch on her wrist. 

Everything she wore were from luxury brands exclusive to the rich and fabulous, which made Emily's appearance more elegant and stylish. 'It's all because of Jacob. He treats Emily like a pearl in his palm, ' Rose thought with envy.  

The flames of jealousy were burning bright in Rose's heart. Once upon a time, she had a dream of becoming an outstanding jewelry designer as well. Unfortunately, things didn't pan out that way for Rose. Now, the only thing she could rely on was her unborn child, so that she could marry into the Gu clan. No matter what, she had to become Jack's wife, because she had put herself in a rut, and there was no other way out for her. Proud as a peacock, Rose would rather go outside and tell others that she was very happy, even if the truth was far from reality.  

Alas, even her only way out of misery, was now being threatened by Jack.    

Ironically, Emily found the life that Rose had always wanted, as if her painstaking efforts were all in vain.    

Rose looked at Emily strangely, as if to insinuate that something was wrong with the way Emily was dressed. 'Is there something wrong with my clothes? But, Jacob was the one who picked these out for me. He has a good eye for fashion, doesn't he?' Emily wondered.  

As a devoted jewelry designer, Emily spent most of her time focusing on designing intricate jewelries, so her sense in fashion wasn't exactly up-to-date. Without Jacob, she wouldn't have discovered branded fashion wear. Emily didn't even know how expensive her clothes were.    

"Don't beat around the bush. Just come straight to your point! Or I will leave now,"  said Emily.    

Soon, Rose came back to her senses and quickly replied,"Jack wants to kill my child. He doesn't want to father his own child, because he's in love with you! You are the love of his life, and he will only listen to you. Please, Emily, help me! Help me save my child..."

 "Wait, what?" asked Emily, muddled with confusion. She didn't believe Rose. After all, she had learned her lesson after suffering at the hands of Rose countless times in the past. In an indifferent tone, Emily said,"You're going to marry Jack, aren't you? Although it is a shotgun marriage, you are pregnant with his first child. Now you're telling me that Jack wants to kill his firstborn. Are you kidding me? Besides, that is your problem. It has nothing to do with me. Don't involve me in your life, okay?"  

If Jack didn't want the child, he would have taken Rose to have an abortion, but, the fact that Rose was still carrying his unborn child until now made Emily doubt everything Rose was claiming.    

Alerted by her scepticism, Emily couldn't forget that, when Rose betrayed her and framed her, Jack believed in Rose's treacherous lies instead of Emily.    

Thinking of those bad memories, Emily's face stiffened, as she no longer had the patience to show her politeness and generosity to Rose.    
"Emily, you must believe me!" Rose pleaded. Her eyes reddened, as she said in a hoarse voice,"You were right not to choose Jack. He is so heartless that he even wants to kill the child. His own child! How could he? The members of the Gu clan are all cold-blooded. I've come to realize this bitter truth..."  

Emily was hard-hearted enough to hear Rose without showing any sympathetic expression on her face, as she retorted,"Oh, but what does that matter to me?"



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