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Season 2

Episode 56

(Wish you and Mr Jacob happiness)

His grandfather's words hit Jack's heart like a thousand nails, as his eyes went red with rage and he clenched his fists hard with frustration. "So let me get this straight. You're basically taking his side. I'm your grandson, and we are related by blood. Jacob was just someone you adopted; he's just a bastard..."    

"Pah!" Jack was interrupted by a tight slap across his face that took the words right out of his mouth.    

The old man's eyes were cold and expressionless. Just the way he carried himself, indicated that he was still capable of being ruthless even in his old age. "If I ever hear you talking like that again, you will regret it,"  his cold and forbidding voice, expressed his anger adequately.  

Frustrated, Jack was not happy with his grandfather's treatment at all. 'Why! Why does Jacob always have dominance over me?' Jack thought. 

Jacob was merely an orphan adopted by the Gu Family.    

Muddled and furious, Jack was not in the right state of mind to form proper thoughts, let alone comprehend his grandfather's motives.  

"If you want something, you should go out and take it with your own hands. Crying around like a loser is not going to do you any good. Crap!" said Jack's grandfather.    

Jack pressed his lips tightly. He would be a fool to deny that Jacob was the man pulling all the strings.   
Jack gritted his teeth so hard, and the headache was starting to become unbearable. The seeds of resentment that were planted a while back had finally sprouted into full grown hatred in his heart.    

"Since you are here, you should take her with you,"  said old Mr. Gu, as he coughed lightly and signalled the butler with his eyes.  

Soon, the butler appeared before them with her.   

"Rose!" exclaimed Jack, as he watched her walk towards him. His glance swept over her swollen stomach. With a disappointed expression on his face, he said,"You didn't get an abortion! How dare you..."    

"I'm sorry, Jack! I couldn't. I couldn't give it up. After all, it's our baby..." Rose muttered carefully. She looked very gaunt.    

"We will talk about this later. Get out of here!" he said. Jack grabbed her hand and dragged Rose out of there forcibly. He didn't take her feelings or the baby's well-being into consideration as he yanked her out of the door.  

When they left the Gu Mansion, the butler, walked up to Mr. Gu and slowly said,"Sir, do you think... it will turn out all right if we just let it be?"    
Mr. Gu's face darkened with bitterness as he said,"Let's wait and see for a while longer."    In other words, he wasn't planning on doing anything about it.    

Jack pushed Rose into his car. Having been roughed up and pushed around, Rose cried out helplessly, out of concern,"Honey, take it easy..."    

"Don't call me honey. You repulse me!" replied Jack.  

Rose immediately corrected herself and said,"Mr. Jack, my stomach pain is killing me. Will you please take me to the hospital?"    

"Stomach pain?" Jack burst out mockingly. Jack quickly sat on the driver's seat and smiled back at her with malice in his eyes. He continued,"That's good. Perhaps you will lose the baby."    

Nonplussed, Rose shut her mouth and did not dare to utter another word. She just put her arms around her stomach defensively. It was clear to her that nobody wanted her child to come to the world, but it was the only trump card she had left, so she made sure to hold on to it tightly.  

Fortunately, the words of Jack's grandfather gave her soul the solace and assurance she needed to bear Jack's child.    

Exasperated, Jack realized he was completely out of his depth. He knew exactly what Jacob intend to accomplish by getting him trapped in with Rose, but he couldn't let Jacob have his way.    

Under the secret instruction of Jacob, the news of Jack and Rose's marriage soon spread across Jingshi City and the headlines of every major media outlet in the country.    

The female colleagues, who once worked together with Rose and often flattered her, were filled with jealousy after they heard the news.  

"She screwed around with her friend's boyfriend, and now she's getting married to him. How fucking unbelievable! This is so crazy!"    

"Maybe it's because she is so good in bed. Who the hell knows how many guys she's had practise with?"    

"I bet that their marriage won't last more than a week. Rose? How could she even compare with Emily?"    

"Yeah! Emily is with Jacob now. Rose can't hold a candle to Emily... I wonder if Jacob is going to marry Emily. Because if Emily did get married to Jacob, her ex-boyfriend would have to call her 'aunt', wouldn't he? So would Rose! Ha ha ha ha..."  


Some small media outlets found a new way to catch the public's attention by printing the personal information of Jack and Rose. Jack was the eldest grandson of the Gu Family, but his bride-to-be was just an unknown jewelry designer. After a deep investigation, they also found that Rose slept with Jack, her best friend's boyfriend, and caused them to break up, as a consequence. And now this very woman was to become his bride-to-be. Moreover, she has been accused of plagiarizing people's work and countless other heinous things...  

Once again, Rose became the prime target of everyone's hatred. At one point, she became the topic of conversation for every citizen in the country. Regardless of ludicrous farce the small time media outlets were putting out, no one could do anything to shut them down. It was quite obvious that someone powerful was backing them. Spreading such news helped them make a small fortune.    

At the Gu Consortium.    

"Have you heard the news? The reason why Mr. Jack is marrying this girl is that she is pregnant. No wonder! Mr. Jack is way out of her league. Now it all makes sense, or else why would Mr. Jack marry just a disreputable woman? I bet it's all because of this baby. Why else would he marry her anyway?"  

"Oh, my! You don't know?" One of the female employees gave a cryptic look and said,"Miss Emily was Mr. Jack's girlfriend before, and this woman was her best friend. But..."    

Only a few words was enough to paint a vivid and dramatic story in their minds.    

"What are you talking about?" asked Emily. She saw the employees whispering to each other from far away, so she went over to them and asked out of curiosity.  

They all turned their heads at the same time and looked at her with guilt-ridden eyes. Confused, Emily couldn't make out what was going on.    

When she was about to ask again, one of them suddenly spoke out confidently,"Everyone had made the mistake of falling in love with the wrong person in their youth. It's not a big deal. It's important to move on and carry on with life."    

"Yeah! Sooner or later, you will end up with the person who will stand by you forever." The longer they got along with Emily, the more they realized that she was a gentle and kind lady. Gradually, they had the courage to talk freely with her like this.  

"That's true." They all made a cheerful gesture and said,"Miss Emily, we wish you and Mr. Jacob all the happiness in the world."    

Emily,"Huh? ? ?"    

Muddled, Emily was at a loss of words. What the hell was happening? What were they talking about?    

Emily did not find the answers to her questions, until she went to see Jacob. When she got to his office, she saw the news of Jack and Rose's wedding on the headlines of a newspaper on Jacob's desk.  

"They are going to get married?" she asked. Emily was finding it hard to believe. She had been so immersed in her work for the past few days that she had completely lost track of what was happening in the world. She wasn't prepared to hear such a blockbuster of a news all of a sudden.  

"Are you upset?" asked Jacob, as he stood up, and looked her straight in the eye. He was unable to tell whether Emily was glad or sad from her facial expression.    

Emily looked at his face, lost in her own thoughts. She knew she could not hide anything from Jacob, so she decided to speak her mind. "I don't care whether Jack is getting married or not. I'm just upset that he's going to marry Rose. After everything she has done, it just feels wrong that she ended up getting what she wanted in the end,"  she said.  

"You really think so?" he asked.    

"You don't believe me?" Emily was displeased.    

"I do,"  assured Jacob. He reached out and squeezed her rosy cheeks, then he put his finger on her lips, and said,"I'm glad that you decided to tell me your real thoughts. I should have taken that into account before."    

It took Emily a while to understand what Jacob meant. When she had finally caught on, she looked at Jacob with surprise and gasped. 

"You mean this was your idea?" she asked.  




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