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Season 1

Episode 66

Huo Mian bit her lips and didn't talk anymore. However, deep down, she let out a sigh of relief.

She genuinely disliked Qin Chu's parents and didn't want anything to do with them.

Half an hour later, they arrived at Imperial Park, the largest upscale residential area within the First Ring Road district.

Qin Chu's car slowly came to a stop.

Lifting her head, Huo Mian looked around at this luxurious neighborhood.

Sales for the homes here had opened two years ago and only closed last year. From what she had heard, the per-square-meter price had already exceeded eighty thousand yuan.

This was a well-known upper-class development site. According to rumors, a famous Feng-Shui practitioner from Hong Kong had been invited to look over the location.

The plot was bordered by a mountain and a lake, with a road to its left. As the people here said, this land bore the features of the four great beasts of legend: the green dragon, the white tiger, the vermilion bird, and the black turtle.

Because the area rests by the city's largest natural lake, the Jade Water Lake, the property values here remained high.

In a forum post, a netizen once joked that this land was really a treasure by Feng-Shui standards. If you flipped the direction, it would be on par with the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, a memorial tomb constructed by the government for one of the country's founding heroes.

"Are we going to live here?"

"Yeah." Qin Chu nodded, then led Huo Mian inside.

The buildings were designed to be mini high-rises, and there was ample space between each of the buildings, allowing the sun to shine through.

The buildings were of English-style architecture with dark-red exteriors. Huo Mian quite liked it.

The lobby of the complex was lavishly decorated, like the d├ęcor in a five-star hotel. Qin Chu led Huo Mian into the spacious elevator and pressed the button for the sixteenth floor.

Looks like it's the top floor, Huo Mian thought to herself.

- A few seconds later -

The sixteenth floor opened up before them. Huo Mian looked around and realized that there was only one unit on the entire floor.

It seemed like there was the only unit on each floor, as expected from the wealthy.

Qin Chu took out a key and opened the door. Huo Mian followed him inside.

Her eyes lit up when she saw what was before her.

It was a spacious, bright two-story unit. The open design made it possible to see both floors from the door. The white European-style furnishings were stately, yet ornate.

A rough estimate placed the unit at more than two hundred square meters, at least. In a neighborhood with such astronomical property values, this was no doubt the luxury unit amongst luxury units.

"We decided to get married so suddenly, and I didn't have time to pick an address. So, I bought this place on short notice. We'll make do here for a while. When the interior work in the South Hill Manor is complete, we'll move over there."

"It's alright, I like it here." Huo Mian swallowed before she replied.

If she heard correctly, Qin Chu said that this place was only temporary. Did he just seriously say 'make do'?

Heavens, this was a place where one square meter went for eighty thousand yuan, in the real estate golden zone within the First Ring Road, located less than ten minutes from the First Hospital by foot.

This was a unit worth over ten million yuan, along with more than a million in furnishings, and here this guy was saying that they will 'make do for a while'.

"Everything we need is here. If anything is missing, let me know. I'll have someone get it for us."

"Okay." Huo Mian nodded.

Right then, Qin Chu's cell phone rang.

"Hello. I'll be right over. Yeah, wait for me." Hanging up, Qin Chu looked at Huo Mian. "I have to go back to my parents' place. Go ahead and get some rest."

"Okay." Huo Mian nodded again.

As Qin Chu stood up and opened the door to leave, he suddenly seemed to remember something. Doubling back, he took out a key-card and a set of keys and placed them on Huo Mian's palm.

"These are the keys. The ownership certificate is on the coffee table. They're yours to keep."

With that, Qin Chu turned and left.

Holding the keys, Huo Mian was in somewhat of a haze. Just like that, she had moved in with Qin Chu.

She glanced over at the certificate on the coffee table. Possessed, she walked over and pulled it open. As expected, the ownership was under her name.

She was surprised to realize that there were tears in her eyes.

It wasn't that a man spending money on another woman was necessarily a good thing. It was just that she understood Qin Chu too well.

While it was true that he was bossy and headstrong, he would always give you what he thought was best. It was how he showed that he cared.

He had been like that seven years ago, and he still was, seven years later.

Qin Chu was a man she had once loved, and what she felt for him were etched into her very bones.

Staring at the certificate, Huo Mian was stuck in a haze. Then, as though suddenly remembering something, she drew out her cell phone in a flash and opened her mobile banking app.

Entering the password, she checked the balance.

If she remembered correctly, Qin Chu said that he had transferred his income for the month to her
card. She was extremely curious: just how much did the stuck-up Mr. Qin make?




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